How To Make Diaper Cakes

Learn here how to make diaper cakes, diaper animals or other diaper gifts! These homemade baby gifts are all easy to make and are very cute and practical, too!

so cute for a safari themed baby shower!

I have listed all kinds of diaper gifts here with photos and links to free instructions. Making diaper cakes and diaper gifts with my tutorials is pretty simple, the instructions are very detailed and lots of photos help you to see how it is done.

Before you start your project browse my diaper gift ideas below and then click the links or photos for detailed directions. 



Why diaper cakes make great baby gifts and baby shower gifts:

A baby nappy cake, diaper animal or diaper bouquet are a great gift for baby showers and for welcome homes. Diaper cakes are ideal for every new, expectant and 'mom of many'.
Diapers are something useful and practical and by giving a pampers cake you 'transform' and display these useful and essential items into a beautiful and impressive artwork.
Ready-made diaper cakes come in all forms, designs and sizes and you can order them online at various baby gift shops. But:

Making a diaper cake on your own really (and literally) is a piece of cake and makes your gift so much more unique and personal!

Follow my easy, simple and step by step instructions, accompanied by lots of pictures, and you will learn how to make a beautiful and unique diaper cake in no time! Everybody can do it - even if you think your fingers are all thumbs - just have the courage to try! It will take you no longer than a couple of hours to come up with a truly unique baby diaper gift!

A diapercake can be a gift on its own or you can also combine it with all sorts of other baby gifts such as a babysitting coupon, a gift certificate, a creative gift of money, etc.

Choose a really simple and easy diaper cake that consists of diapers only.

But I also provide you with directions and tips how to make a diaper cake with lots of embellishments and accessories added. Thus you can make your own and really unique diaper cake choosing your individual design and theme. This kind of 'trimmed' cake is the ideal baby shower centerpiece and a real eyecatcher!  

So let's start!

Learn how to make diaper cakes and other diaper gifts with my free tutorials: 

Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cakes

- piglet diaper cake or baby girl / Pooh baby gift basket: simply click the images for instructions

One Tier Diaper Cake

-one tier diaper cake, plain, simple and easy, few accessories-  

one tier diaper cake with cuddly toy

Simple 3 Tiers Diaper Cake

-easy, basic diaper cake, 3-tiers, made of diapers only, few accessories-


How To Make Diaper Cakes With All Kinds Of Decorations

-lavishly decorated 3 tier diaper cake, lots of accessories-


Organic Diaper Cake

- tips and ideas for a more eco-friendly diaper cake made with biodegradable, disposable diapers and natural ingredients -


Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

How to make a diaper cake for a baby shower. Here are unique ideas especially suited to make stunning baby shower centerpieces:

- Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake 

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Minnie Mouse baby shower centerpiece

Girl Diaper Cakes

-embellished diaper cakes as well as other diaper gifts especially for baby girls-

If you want to learn how to make this pictured girl baby gift basket with diaper babies, follow the link you will find below (section: miniature diaper babies). 

diaper babies in gift basket

Boy Diaper Cakes

- 3 tier diaper cakes with accessories especially for baby boys and in boy colors

Diaper Animals

-various cute animals made of diapers, baby clothes and baby accessories such as whimsical snail diaper cakes and diaper owl cakes-

personalized diaper snail



Diaper Bouquets

-small diaper flower bouquet, tutorials for bouquets both with rolled and stacked diapers-

pirate diaper bouquet



Diaper Babies

cute diaper babies

How to make miniature diaper babies. Make just two to give with a gift certificate or make a whole basket full of pampers babies.


Showcase your homemade diaper cake at

Best Baby Gift's Diaper Cake Gallery!



Other Diaper Gift Ideas

small diaper cake

A diaper gift musn't necessarily be a diaper cake or diaper animal where you have to roll your diapers. There are other creative ways of 'wrapping' your diaper gift in a cute and unique way.

Details for more diaper gift ideas here.  

The small diaper cake shown here makes a really cute table decoration for a baby party!



If you are looking for more home made baby gifts, browse my other homemade baby gift ideas.


View more diaper cake ideas at my Pinterest page.



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