New Dad Gifts
Congrats To The New Daddy!

New dad gifts are great because...

  • Everybody thinks of the new baby first, then maybe of the mother and who thinks of the new dad? You do!  
  • You are the new mum and think daddy has earned a treat, too! Many of these gift ideas also make a great Father's Day gift for dad's (first) Father's Day and for his birthday, Valentine's gift for Dad or Christmas gift for Dad from baby!
  • You know the father-to-be or new dad very well but not the rest of the family 
  • The new dad is your son, brother or best buddy and you want to get something special for him, too
  • You have been invited to a dadchelor party / man shower / baby  stag and want to bring a present
  • Dad is the one primarily looking after the baby

a father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be... text written plus a photo of a dad carrying a baby... and sometimes he carries the baby, too!

You see, there are many reasons to get a little something for new fathers! And sometimes there needs not even be a reason to give dad a little surprise... 

Moreover dadchelor parties, also known as man shower or baby stag are becoming more and more popular. Wikipedia says: Having a dadchelor party... is considered to be one of the new emerging trends for fathers in the 21st century. 

Overall, giving a gift to a new dad is a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges and celebrates his new role and the significant life change of becoming a parent. 

 June 16, 2024 is (new) Father's Day!

My special gift idea for Dad's 1st Father's Day, designed with love by myself, available on Zazzle:


Unique New Dad Gifts

Daddy And Me Picture Frame

Give the new dad a special daddy & me picture frame to place at his office. Every dad loves to show off his baby and Family to coworkers and clients. Of course dad can also hang this up at home! Daddy & me photo frames are available in all sorts of styles and materials and with different messages engraved such as "Daddy & Me", "I love Daddy", "Daddy's Girl", etc. Have the engraving personalized and the frame makes a great and timeless new dad gift! 

Also great: a "mom + dad = me" picture frame. This is the ideal gift from mummy and baby for daddy, for example on Father's Day. 

(#ad) Create your own text for this adorable magnetic fridge frame:



Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions

Rockabye Baby are an independent, Los Angeles-based team of music lovers, parents and creative individuals that transform the songs of your favorite artists into instrumental lullabies. Let baby and dad cuddle up to listen to the soothing sounds of the glockenspiel, vibraphone, mellotron and other instruments. They will help to lull baby into sleep, and - who knows - maybe daddy, too! 

With meanwhile over 100 releases and over 3 billion streams since their beginning, they continue to bring joy and rest to parents and babies all over the world. Just to name a few artists, you can get renditions of Ed Sheeran, Queen, Eminem, Metallica, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Blake Shelton, Prince, Shania Twain, etc.

Get a gift card, a vinyl, mp3 or a couple of CDs with lullaby renditions for the new father! Check these cool new dad gifts out, Rockabye Baby also offer gift bundles that include unique organic onesies and baby tees. The free "Baby's First vinyl certificate" is really cute, too.

Let dad and baby drift together into "sleepland" with this new dad gift idea! Rockabye Baby simply rocks! 

The Rad Dad Box

Cratejoy feature lots of unique gift boxes for all occasions such as for example the

#ad Rad Dad Box

for new fathers. Help dad to bond with baby by giving him a monthly subscription for a starter kit. Choose between the Rad Dad Box (3 to 4 items per box) and the Deluxe Rad Dad Box (5-8 items). Items in the box for daddy and baby include self-care products for the new dad, toys for baby, dad/baby activities, books and apparel for baby and dad. Monthly subscription, worldwide shipping, cancel anytime. Welcome to fatherhood! 

Funny New Dad Shirt 

Dad-oriented clothes like funny slogan tees / onesies for baby always are a great hit and a good laugh. Have a tee / onesie with 'I love Daddy', 'My Dad Rocks' or 'My Daddy Trains Harder than Your Daddy' printed on. 

Alternatively get a shirt for dad saying "Proud New Dad" and possibly add the year. Dad will love to pose in this new dad gift...  
Get some more ideas for cute and cool slogans for your baby onesie for dad and the entire family here.  



New Dad Gag Gift : Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Want a gag gift for the new dad? Then I recommend a diaper changing toolbox with lots of fun and functional baby stuff! There are various diaper changing toolboxes around and they contain "useful" things for the dad to be such as:

* a mask with a toxic fume filter, so dad can breathe more easily  
* goggles - for better eye protection
* tongs - for easy removal of the diaper
* ear/ nose plugs - might come in handy...
* baby wipes - well, even mommy needs these when changing a diaper
* a bio hazard bag and rubber gloves - straight from the tongs into the bag will be the best thing to do with baby's diaper

#ad #ad

DIY Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox and other homemade new dad gift ideas.



Daddy Diaper Bag

A daddy diaper bag is such a classic new dad gift. Dad will probably hate to carry mommy's hip-style diaper bag with that eye-catching pattern... And maybe even in pink!?

Modern daddy needs something cool and man-like! A dad diaper bag is an awesome gift idea and especially designed and styled for men. A messenger bag is cool for a dad and a backpack, too. Daddy will surely be proud to have his own bag for going out with baby.



New Dad Travel Mug / Beer Glas

Depending on the new dad's personal liking, either get him a colorful dad mug or a funny "dad evolution" mug for his daily coffee at home or at work. A travel mug might be a great idea, too. Also cute: a customized beer glass.    

#ad #ad



Parenting Books For Dad's To Be And New Dads

Parenting books or novels about fatherhood are a great idea, too. Pregnancy, labour, infants and parenting are all virgin territory for dad? Then it's about time to learn about at least the "theoretical part" of it! Great new dad books are: 

- Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads (paperback book) by Gary Greenberg

- The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish

- The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion: A Survival Guide for Expectant Fathers by David Port, John Ralston and Gideon Kendall

- The Joy of Fatherhood: The First Twelve Months Expanded by Marcus Jacob Goldman



Matching Clothes For Dad And Baby

Let baby look like dad - or daddy look like baby?

Try Footsteps Clothing who offer matching dad and baby pajama / playwear (shirts and pants) sets. Made of 100% cotton dad and baby will love to hang around in style together. Also available with tee prints such as "Trouble" or "Team Daddy". These matching outfits are offered in various designs and sizes. Perfect for everyone! 

These are really cute:

#ad #ad

 Like father - like son.  



Smartphone For Video Recording & Filmmaking / Camera 

If dad has no camera or an outdated smartphone there's no better occasion to get him one with the latest technology so he can make great footage of the baby growing up. The pictures and videos of baby - for example his or her first little steps - will bring joy and fun for a lifetime. Also, once the baby is an adult she or he will also enjoy all these childhood memories together with the parents.

This is a really cool gift from mommy to daddy or from grandparents-to-be for their son.

Here you will find the latest (#ad) smartphone bestsellers and camera deals on amazon.



Creative gift ideas from baby for the entire family and friends.  

Poems for dads.

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