Unique Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

clothesline wrapping idea for baby gift

Use a baby shower gift wrap that will make your gift even more spectacular and a real eye-catcher at any baby shower party! And, if you give a gift card, get some ideas how to neatly pimp it up to something really special. 

Having a gift wrapped is quite easy since most stores offer a gift wrapping service. But do you want your gift to be presented in a boring department store wrapping paper, possibly with the store's logo sticker on top? No, you probably don't...

It is much nicer to be creative yourself and it really is easy, too. So spice up your present with an artful packaging, a nice baby congratulations card and loving wishes. My tips will help you to accomplish this in no time.  

By the way, most of my baby shower gift wrap ideas and tips here are not only handy for wrapping baby gifts, but for all other kind of gifts, too!

Basic Gift Wrapping Tips

It's always nice to wrap the gift in a suitable color.

For a baby shower that would be a pale pink for a girl and light blue for a boy. For unisex gifts shades of green, brown and yellow are popular choices.

Other than that, your local greeting cards store (for example Hallmark) will surely have baby shower gift wrap with a special baby design.

Decorate Your Gift And Gift Wrap

paper flower gift wrap

Napkin roses or tissue paper flowers are very easy to make and are real eye-catchers! Choose a matching color of your napkin rose so it complements your gift wrap. Alternatively use white wrapping paper and a pink or blue napkin flower. They are done in 5 minutes and all you need is a napkin and nothing else! Learn here how to make paper flowers.

Use stickers to spice up your gift. Take some plain, unicolor paper and add some 3D baby stickers (available at the scrapbooking department of your local crafts store).

Buy a big ready made bow and fix it on top of your gift.

Use real (or plastic) flowers and leaves to decorate your gift.

Add a foil balloon with baby design or fix an inflated balloon on top. Use a waterproof pen to decorate the balloon ('Hello baby', 'It's a boy', 'It's a girl', etc.).

Use ribbons, if you like in several matching colors, lavishly. 

For a baby gift, attach a pacifier. This can be a real one, for example with a funny or cute saying. It can also be one for decoration purposes only, the kind you get at the craft store. Often they also have other baby motives (baby bottles, baby cradles, baby feet) there. Use some ribbon to fix it to your gift.

Attach cardboard photobooth props to your gift. Since they do have a stick, you can fix them with your ribbon.

A  pair of baby socks are also cute to pimp up your gift. Tie a ribbon around your gift and use some mini clothes pegs to fix them to your 'clothesline'. That looks really cute as you can see above.  



Calendar Sheet Gift Wrap

such a sweet gift wrap idea for a baby shower!

This idea is very inexpensive and simple but ever so creative! Either use a sheet of your own calendar or print one out. Depending on the size of your gift and sheet either use just the calendar sheet to wrap the present or just use it on top. Mark baby's date of birth or if it is a shower gift the expected delivery date - and you're done!  

You can use this idea for any birthday gift, too.

Use A Gift Box Or A Baby Gift Bag

A unshaped gift such as for example a plush toy is hard to wrap up and will not look too nice. So put a clunky and/or unshaped gift in a gift box or gift bag. Alternatively put it in a tin box or also in a decorated shoe box. You can let it poke out the baby gift bag. You may want to use satin gift wrap tissue to line the inside of your gift bag or to place it on top so one cannot immediately see what's in there. Satin gift wrap is available in many pastel colors and ads a festive and elegant touch. If you do not have any satin tissue you can use some napkins alternatively.


Decorate a gift box or gift bag with stickers or a pen. A shoe box can be laminated with wrapping paper.  

Attach some kind of decoration such as a pacifier, flowers, cardboard photobooth props, etc. to your gift bag (as described in detail above).


It's a boy gift bag, baby photobooth props, it's a boy balloon, satin wrap tissue and napkins

Surprise, surprise! 'Cheat And Deceive':

Gifts are wrapped so that they are a real surprise for the recipient. For this reason it sometimes is a great idea to 'conceal' the gift so the recipient cannot guess the contents right away (just think of a wrapped CD, DVD or a book- you will most probably be able to guess what's inside due to its unique shape). So here are some exceptional baby shower gift wrap methods:

Why not change the form and size of the gift with the packaging? Nobody will guess it's a plush toy if you put it in a box before you wrap it! 

If necessary and possible, change the weight of the gift or package, e.g. put decorating stones in the box. This goes well with baby clothes, bibs, blankets, pacifiers or baby socks. Of course you should not do this, if your gift is heavy and bulky already (for example a high chair). 

Try to avoid noises that might give it away. For example, if you pack a rattle, it will be easy to find out there's a rattle in your package. Thus, secure loose objects or try to dampen the noise with the help of some filling material.

If your gift is big and bulky, wrapping it up will be hard. So just take a photo of it, wrap the picture and leave the real thing outside.  



More Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas - No Real Gift Wrap Needed! 

If you have a spectacular gift such as a gift basket or a diaper cake it would be a shame to use the 'usual' baby shower gift wrap. Display it 'as it is' by either using clear gift foil wrap and colorful ribbons or by not using any packaging at all.

cellophane wrapped baby gift basket - nice!



Showcase Your Gift!

Diaper Cakes And Diaper Animals

Include your main gift in a diaper cake or diaper animal. Place your teddy bear, cuddly toy or baby doll on top of an easy to make one tier diaper cake. Wrap in cellophane or don't wrap it at all!

Roll baby hats, onesies, rompers, cuddly toys, blankets, pacifiers, etc. into a diaper bouquet or diaper animal. Get instructions for a diaper snail here. With a diaper snail you can cutely showcase baby rompers and bodies (included in the snails house), a baby hat, and toys such as a wrist rattle, cuddly toy, pacifier chain, etc.

diaper cake featuring a teddy bear

Baby Cupcakes

Roll up onesies, baby socks, baby washcloths, etc. and put some fancy ribbon around. Then you can place them just like cupcakes in an original cupcake gift box - and no additional wrapping needed.

girl cupcakes in box



Baby shower gift wrap: see cute ways to wrap a diaper gift.




Create A Theme With Your Gift And Gift Wrap

Winnie The Pooh gift wrap

Match the gift and wrapping paper. For example, if you have baby clothes with a Winnie The Pooh print on, also choose Winnie The Pooh gift wrap. Here, I have attached a cuddly Winnie The Pooh as a 'bonus'. Matching gift wrap is available for nearly all Disney designs and for many more popular characters, too.

The icing on the cake would be a matching congratulations card or even a matching quote on the card. For example, there are a lot of cute Winnie The Pooh baby quotes.

Your theme does not necessarily have to be a famous character - it can also just be a pattern like polka dots or stripes on a onesie or blanket combined with dotted or striped wrapping paper.

Special Ideas For Wrapping A Coupon, Baby Gift Card Or Cash

If you want to wrap something like a babysitting coupon or a gift card for baby, put it in a baby bottle or a plastic drinking cup. Make sure the bottle / cup is wide enough to get the coupon or gift card out without having to break the bottle. Either wrap the bottle with gift wrap or just use a ribbon and bow to nicely decorate. You can always add some (glitter) baby cutouts with your coupon or gift card. 

A babysitting coupon or a gift voucher also look nice on top of a small diaper cake. You just need a few diapers, some ribbons and some candles or Q-Tips. Even simpler to make is a pair of diaper  babies to go with your  gift card.

A photo shoot certificate for the pregnant mom or the newborn baby looks awesome and cute when placed into a nice photo frame.

If you gift money it is always nice to have a special add-on such as this cute gift box. I made a diaper baby and but it in a little box "Baby on tour". The money  was attached to the inside of the top.

homemade baby money gift box



Use A 'No Waste' Wrap

Take a thin baby blanket or a burp cloth to wrap your gift and fix it with a ribbon or a piece of colored string! You can also try to make a stork bundle with this kind of gift wrap.

For an organic gift an organic receiving blanket or an organic burp cloth are a perfect reusable, ecological and no waste 'gift wrap'.

If you give another gift (not baby related that is) use a tea towel as your gift wrap. Of course your gift should not be too bulky for that. A tea towel is suitable for everyone, from child (you can help your mom now...) , to student, to parents, to grandma. At the worst a tea towel can be used as a cleaning cloth :-)   



Personalize Your Gift

homemade magic wand

A magic wand is suitable for baby girls and baby boys. After all, a sorcerer has a wand, too! Personalize it with wooden letters. 

All you need is a wooden stick (for example a skewer), some ribbon, some baby party decoration, some beads and some cardboard or thick felt - and if you choose the personalization some wooden letter beads.

I have used felt, wooden beads, little wooden rocking horses and wooden letter beads. 

Tie the ribbon around the skewer and tie your decoration to the end. Add the letter beads and tie another ribbon at the other end so the letters are fixed in between. If you want you can add a little bit of glue between the letters. 

Cut your cardboard or felt in a heart or star shape and glue it on top. You can add another one from the back to hide the skewer inside.

Stick a bead on the bottom. If necessary add some glue so it stays on the stick. If your stick is pointy, you might like to hide the tip inside your bead.

Et voila - the perfect baby shower gift wrap accessoire! Ready to fix to your present.



Design Your Own Gift Wrap

Make your own baby shower gift wrap! All you need is a pen, some plain gift wrap / craft paper and a baby poem. When making the gift wrap yourself, you have the possibility to personalize it which makes your gift wrap really special.

Just write your message, baby quotes, baby poems or baby wishes in a neat writing on some plain gift wrap or craft paper and then wrap your gift with it.

Using a glitter pen, silver pen or golden pen makes your homemade gift wrap look even more special!

This is also a cool idea for any present, not just if you wrap a baby shower gift.

Pinterest: View More Baby Gift Wrap Ideas

I have pinned many more unique gift wrapping ideas on my Best Baby Gifts Pinterest site, check them out! Sometimes it is enough to see a picture and often you can copy the idea even without any instructions. You will even find free printable baby gift tags and free printable gift wrap there: creative baby shower gift wrap ideas



Add A One Of A Kind Baby Congratulations Card

Along with a nice gift in a beautiful baby shower gift wrap goes a greeting card with a personal message and some cordial words. Baby congratulations cards are available in many different forms and designs. If in doubt, the classics 'It's a boy' or 'It's a girl' or unisex 'Congrats on your New Baby' never go out of style.

If you feel up to it you can even make a card on your own - especially if you give a homemade baby gift, a handmade baby congratulations card will nicely complement your gift.

If you are not sure what to write on your congratulations card check these helpful phrases for baby congratulation card messages. You'll find many examples on affectionate wording to use for your unique card!

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