Organic Baby Gift Ideas 

Why an organic baby gift is a great baby gift: Adopting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle means saving resources for future generations. It's about aligning our actions with our values, contributing positively to the world, and doing our part to ensure a healthy planet in line with ethical production methods.

This is where sustainable and organic baby gifts come into the picture. By opting for such gifts, you're not only giving a unique and thoughtful present but also showing your care for the planet. Plus, who wouldn't love a gift that's pure, free from harmful substances, and gentle on a baby's sensitive skin? 

Sophie the Giraffe teething toycute organic gift: Sophie The Giraffe

The trend of organic and sustainable baby products is a wonderful shift we're seeing globally. It not merely addresses concerns over climate change and resource depletion, but also ensures the well-being of our babies. So, whether you're attending a baby shower or searching for a gift for your newborn grandchild, consider the gift ideas in this article. Moreover, parents who want to raise their kids the green way, will find great input here.

Manufacturers have recognized that more and more consumers place great value on pure and natural products that are ethically made. Thus, there are many shops emerging that carry organic items only. But also big retailers such as H&M, Walmart and GAP have started to introduce organic clothing or an organic baby line besides their regular product lines.

It all started with organic food and since then the organic movement has grown from its small beginnings into a large movement of people striving to lead a healthier lifestyle. Let's join them for a better future.  

Best Organic Baby Gifts

Organic Baby Gift Basket

A baby gift basket always makes a great gift, all the better if it is eco-friendly. You can order organic baby gift baskets online or make one yourself. See the instructions for my handmade baby gift basket here and use organic baby products such as organic baby lotion, organic cotton baby clothes, organic bibs, organic body care, organic diapers, green baby toys, etc. Use an organic basket, for example one that's made of organic palm tree leaves.

As nice as it is, better do not use any gift wrap for your basket. It's more environment-friendly without and a gift basket is nice as it is. If you want your basket to be a bit more colorful, simply attach a few bows or some colorful raffia straw ribbon.

If you want to buy an organic baby gift basket check out Small businesses offer hand-selected baby items in gift baskets, made with special care and love.



Organic Teether, Sophie The Giraffe

The perfect organic baby gift is Sophie The Giraffe by Vulli, pictured above. It is a teether that has the same characteristics as a pacifier. Sophie is a classic: Originally coming from France, Sophie by now is available in many variations and a popular baby toy all over the world. This cute chewing and teething toy is non toxic and made of 100% natural rubber.

These days, a lot of celebrity babies are seen with Sophie - not the main, but just one more reason to get one, too.

Meet Sophie The Giraffe and her friends.  



Organic Baby Blanket

During the first months and even years baby will spend a lot of time with the blanket, be it under the blanket, on the blanket or wrapped in the blanket. 

Companies who manufacture organic cotton blankets purchase their materials from organic growers. This means that the cotton hasn't been treated with pesticides or other hazardous chemicals. 

An organic baby blanket will help baby to sleep cozy, safe, healthy and sound. Your gift will be ever so appreciated - since for new parents, anything that grants them sleep is an awesome thing in the world!

For those cozy nap times, I love the colorful organic baby blankets from baby Tula. Made from Oeko-Tex 100 Certified bamboo fabric, these blankets are luxuriously soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable. Perfect for cuddling, swaddling, and playful moments!

Special tip: 

Use an organic blanket or an organic baby burp cloth to wrap up 
your baby gift, making it a no waste and useful gift wrap!

Organic Baby Clothes And Organic Bibs

Baby clothes always are a nice gift since you can never have enough cute outfits for your little ones. You should just observe a few guidelines, so see my recommendations on organic baby clothes here.

Bibs are baby essentials and great daily little helpers. So why not make them organic and stylish? Mushie’s Organic Cotton Bibs are not just functional but also a style statement. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are sturdy yet soft on the baby's skin. You can check out Mushie's 2-pack muslin baby bibs, made of  soft organic cotton with adjustable fit on amazon. 

Organic Diaper Cake Gift

Diapers are always needed and handmade baby gifts are always cute, so make an organic diaper cake, an organic diaper animal or any other organic diaper gift. Browse my pages on how to make diaper gifts and create an organic version - use eco-friendly diapers and organic accessories such as organic baby toys or green and eco-friendly baby care products.

This cute organic diaper snail was simple to make, it's homemade and eco-friendly. It wears a baby hat with little ears from H&M, conscious line and carries a rolled-up matching baby onesie on its top.

Of course you can buy a ready made organic diaper cake, too. Check out Etsy, for awesome organic diaper cakes, made with love! 

Organic Baby Gifts

Organic Baby Shoes

Babies like to chew on their toes, and if the toes are covered by shoes - on their shoes, too. So organic baby booties and shoes are a great baby gift! A set of soft organic baby booties, available from Zutano, would be a lovely addition to any baby's wardrobe, keeping those tiny toes healthy, warm and stylish. They're made from 100% organic cotton and have elastic caps to ensure a snug fit. More on Zutano and organic baby shoes here.  

Organic Baby Toys

Small babies and toddlers tend to explore everything with their mouth. You wouldn't want baby to lick and chew on harmful materials, would you? By selecting natural and green baby toys you can avoid that to a great extent. 

So fill up the nursery shelves with wooden toys. Made from sustainably sourced wood and finished with non-toxic paints, they're safe, durable and boost creativity in children. Brands like Grimm's, Bajo, HABA and Plan Toys have a great selection.

Organic toys and eco toys.


Organic Baby Books

To spark early love of books in a baby, consider gifting a sustainable wooden baby book. Make sure the board book is made from FSC certified wood and printed with non-toxic inks. I have to admit, depending where you are living, it is difficult to find such books. Try to google "wooden board book for baby" and see what comes up.

Another idea would be to get a nicely painted wooden nursery book box or floor bookshelf with some baby board books. Check out for handmade FSC certified wooden book boxes with cute designs.

You can also gift a book about organic cooking for baby, toddlers and the whole family, or if it is a baby shower gift a book about organic pregnancy. There are great books on raising your baby and kids the organic way. Even a book on organic gardening and growing your own vegetables for baby's food could be a nice gift.

Organic Baby Bedding

This would be great gift idea from Grandma and Grandpa: We can’t forget about organic bedding. Let baby fall asleep in the finest and softest GOTS certified organic cotton or a bamboo baby bedding set.

The Peanut Shell, a beloved brand since 2003, have oh so cute organic bedding sets for girls or boys or in a neutral decor, made with chemicals safer for human health and the environment, as certified by Oeko-Text Standard 100. The Organic Cotton Crib Comforter Sets consist of 4 pieces: a crib skirt, 2 fitted crib sheets and a crib comforter. The designs are adorable and will fit any nursery: unisex safari (elephant, giraffe, zebra, monkey) nursery decor, girl floral wildflower decor, girl jungle elephant nursery decor in pink and neutral Western Woods (buffalo, fox, bear, deer) nursery decor.

More Organic Baby Gift Ideas 

You might also like to have a look into these organic baby gift ideas:

- Eco-friendly diaper bag. Available at sustainable stores like the EcoBaby (, this combo has everything a new mom needs for baby care on-the-go. Made from recycled materials, the bags are spacious, durable, and come with built-in compartments for organization

- Organic Baby Bath Set. Containing baby shampoo, wash, lotion, and balm, these set, available from various manufacturers like Burt Bees, Aveeno and GreenPeople is made from organic and naturally derived ingredients. They are gentle on baby's skin and cause no harm to the environment when washed away.

- Organic Baby Carrier. You can find them at Boba (, where they're made from sustainably harvested bamboo and organic cotton. Comfortable for parents to wear and gentle on baby's skin, this is a gift that’s both practical and useful.

- This would be a great gift from the grandparents, surprise the new parents with an Organic Bouncing Cradle from BabyBjorn. This gift will come in handy during those busy mornings, soothing their baby in a gentle and natural motion. Made from organic cotton and filled with sustainably harvested wood, it's a gift that will be truly appreciated.

- Baby Feeding Set, crafted from bamboo, silicone or stainless steel. The Avanchy ( feeding sets are BPA free, BPS free, melamine free, contain no harmful plastics and toxins and come in vibrant colors to make mealtime a fun time. Their eco-friendly designs are meant to reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature.

- If music is more your style, consider an eco-friendly Baby Music Set from Plantoys ( Made from sustainable rubberwood trees, these musical toys are fun, eco-friendly, and encourage a love of music from an early age.

- Organic Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag from Merino Kids (Uk & Ireland only). Made from 100% merino wool, these sleeping bags are naturally breathable, hypoallergenic, and a safe alternative to traditional blankets.

- HABA Walker Wagon Push Toy ( For baby's birth or as a 1st birthday gift, this award-winning Haba wagon encourages mobility while being made from sustainably sourced wood. The wheel speed can be adjusted and silicone wheel treads mean it’s great for indoors or outdoors. Made from beech wood/plywood and treated with a non-toxic, water-based stain. Crafted in Bulgaria.

- Organic Cotton Baby Wrap from Solly Baby ( make an intimate and comfortable gift. Lightweight and breathable, these wraps help foster a close bond between parent and baby. The other Solly Baby products are great, too. 

By choosing organic baby gifts you'll make a step towards a better future. Giving sustainable and organic baby gifts not only shows thoughtfulness but also responsibility towards our environment. Remember, whether it's buying clothes that are green, toys that are free from harmful substances, or products that grow with the baby, every little bit helps towards creating a better world for our little ones. Happy eco-friendly gifting!

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