Wow! I Love Luxury Baby Gifts!

"I loooooove luxury baby gifts!"

Choose luxury baby gifts and make a statement. If you have that extra money or if you do not want to settle for anything less, a pricey designer gift will be your perfect style!


Not many new parents can afford all these must have baby items with 'that celebrity factor'. So if you don't mind that extra penny go for it and make their dreams come true!

With exclusive, expensive and deluxe baby gifts you can't do anything wrong. That extra money generally assures you of the finest materials and superior quality.

And often luxury baby gifts make an excellent baby keepsake gift, too.



A little bit of luxury can never harm...

Luxury designer baby gifts never go out of fashion. And doesn't a baby with stylish logo designer clothes look even cuter? Or what about designer baby accessories (headband, sunglasses) that give that cute extra touch of fashion to that little lady? The new parents will glow with pride!

These are my favorites for demanding baby girls and stylish baby boys: 


My personal luxury baby gift list:

So what are my ultimate gift cravings for a newborn?

Here are my personal luxury baby gifts (wish somebody had given them to me) - just to show off a little bit, haha ;-)

Cashmere Baby Blanket

Cashmere is a fabric with amazing properties and actually many people are not aware of this fact. A baby blanket made of cashmere really makes a great and luxurious baby gift. Learn interesting facts about cashmere, about cashmere care and cashmere baby blankets.


Supercute! Frost Hats Cashmere Baby Blanket and Hat Set, available in 6 colors:


Soft and cozy cashmere baby blanket made in Scotland:




Designer Baby Clothes And Shoes

Who doesn't love designer clothing???

But I do have to admit that if I have to pay myself, I am sort of reluctant to spend that much money on newborn and baby clothing. Unfortunately, the little ones outgrow everything so fast or tend to stain light fabrics, so I think twice before getting something extra-expensive...

However, if that designer outfit or that infant UGG boots are a gift from someone else that just changes everything! Oh my, how stylish and cute!

Read more about shopping for the best designer clothes for babies by companies such as Armani Junior, Guess, Little Marc Jacobs, True Religion, 7 for all Mankind, etc. 



Bugaboo Baby Stroller / Pram

A Bugaboo. It must be a Bugaboo! And nothing else! This is the "one and only stroller" and "the Mercedes amongst all strollers". 

Featured in 2002 in SATC and for years being the 'It stroller' for stars like Heidi Klum, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani and Stella McCartney, the Bugaboo simply is a 'want-have' for many fashionista moms and families. Also, Victoria Beckham owns one, Sienna Miller has one, Gwyneth Paltrow got one, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton went for a Bugaboo in blue, Orlando Bloom can't live without one...

Nothing more to add, just look at this gem, loved by celebrities and ordinary people alike!

Bugaboo simply is an iconic brand which was found by Max Barenburg in 1999 in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bugaboo means 'little ghost'.

No matter which Bugaboo model you go for, you can be sure of functionality, an outstanding design, good quality and a safe handling.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus, is very versatile, can be used on all-terrain and is light and compact. In my opinion, one of its best features is the reversible handlebar: let baby either face you or let baby see what's going on around. The Cameleon 3 comes in a number of trendy colors and is priced around $ 1000. There are also many Bugaboo accessories separately available such as a cup holder, car seat adapters, iphone holder, etc.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus: 


Designer Diaper Bag

A diaper bag will accompany the new mom for quite some time. Why not have the luxury and show off your logo designer diaper bag when you are on the go with baby. And you'll be amazed to learn that designer diaper bags offer way more than just a stylish and hip appearance! And that's why they make a great luxury baby gift, too!

Marc Jacobs nylon biker diaper bag in blue or black:


Sterling Silver Toothfairy Box

This one is so timeless and beautiful. It is just right to keep these precious little teeth in style. For details click on the image.


Luxury Baby Gift Basket

Just choose the best for a luxury baby gift basket. Selected lotions and creams will be great, both for mommy and baby. Make a homemade luxury baby gift basket yourself or buy a ready made one.  




More luxury baby gift ideas:

The above are just my personal favorites.

But of course there are many more deluxe and expensive baby gifts around. And also check out my top 5 designer baby gift ideas.


Luxury Sterling Silver Baby Gifts

In case a traditional gift is your kind of style how about a Sterling Silver baby gift


Baby Gift Card

In case you want to give something luxury and expensive but are not quite sure what exactly that should be, a baby gift card for a designer store is a great idea, too. Gift cards never go out of style. For a luxury gift choose a gift certificate of a (online) store such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Baby Gucci, Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, KaDeWe, D&G Baby, Baby Dior, etc. Load that card up with some 'luxury bucks' et voila! Every new mom (and dad) will love to shop for designer baby clothing or designer baby gear without having to look at the prices too closely... Tips for baby gifts cards.




Little Giraffe Cute And Cozy Chenille Baby Blanket

These super snuggly blankets are trimmed with a matching satin picture frame edge. The size is approx. 29" x 35" and the blankets are machine washable. Made in the USA! These blankets are available in 7 colors, including a pale baby pink and baby blue. 

Combine with a matching satin pillow, also available by Little Giraffe.




Ever heard of a baby wipes warmer?

My ultimate exclusive and luxury baby gift item is not really that expensive. However, I think the use of it is pure luxury! Hello, a baby wipes warmer!?

Yes, you got me right. There actually is something like this around and people apparently use it (I never did - but then nobody ever gave one of these fancy and maybe useful gadgets to me!). It does seem to be practical and mums obviously really like it, most of the customer reviews are very positive! There even is a travel version available! And thinking about it, this is something I might have liked for my three babies, too.



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