Best Baby Shower Gifts

Here's your guide to the best baby shower gifts. 

Are you invited to a baby shower party or are you even hosting one? How exciting! No worries about what to bring because my tips will help you to find the perfect present.

a colorful homemade baby gift baskethomemade and cute!

I promise, you'll love these unique baby shower gift ideas. In no time you'll get a cute, practical or sentimental gift for that new arrival.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts

Giving a shower gift (prior to baby's birth) is just a little different to giving a baby gift after baby is born. When baby is already there, you normally know all facts such as date of birth, gender, size, health of mother and baby, etc.

For the baby shower, there is some kind of uncertainty around. You cannot know for sure about the date of birth, so for example an astrological gift is not really appropriate. Then, the parents might not like to know the gender prior to baby's birth, so an unisex gift it must be and so on. And then, a gift like a belly cast kit and a hospital bag, can only be given and used before baby's birth.

For this collection of the best baby shower gifts I have taken these factors into consideration.  

3 moms-to-be (including myself ate the left) at an office baby shower party unpacking their presentsunpacking the baby shower gifts

Baby Shower Gifts Checklist 

Before you go out and buy the first gift that comes along, check whether the mom-to-be / the parents-to-be have a registry. If so, take something off the list. Since for the registry, the mom or couple have selected exactly the items they really want. Thus, you can be sure you've really got one of the best baby shower gifts for them.

Sometimes it makes sense to collect money among the other invitees prior to the shower and to get a gift together. Then you can give something bigger and more expensive. That would be applicable for an office baby shower of a coworker, for example.

It's a good idea to keep your receipt or to get a gift receipt so the parents-to-be can return any doubles or unwanted items.

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Gift Certificate for a Maternity Photo Shoot

Give the mom-to-be a gift certificate for a baby belly photo session. This is a really cute gift idea to document a pregnancy. A gift certificate for a maternity photo shoot also is a great gift idea for a bigger party, such as a bunch of co-workers, to give together.  
Maternity photos make a great keepsake and are something to share and appreciate with your kid once it is grown-up.

Special idea: if you want to 'wrap' your gift certificate in a cute way, get a picture frame or even a pregnancy picture frame and put the gift voucher for the photo shoot in the frame. Later on the coupon can be replaced by one of the shots.  

Cocktail Book for Pregnant Moms

Pregnant women or a new mom enjoy a healthy and alcohol free cocktail just as others do. These two books offer lots of recipes for alcohol free drinks with funny names such as 'Pregnant Peach', 'Materni-tea', 'Folic Fizz' or 'Momsicle'. Actually, these are not only great during pregnancy or for breastfeeding mothers but for everybody else, too. Check them out!

Gift the books with or without some cocktail making accessories, you can order these online at amazon:

Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-To-Be by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen - user review: '... I am going to make this an addition to my 'gifts to give' list... The drinks were so good, I didn't even miss the alcohol! A great book for healthier drinkers and moms (and dads) to be'.

Margarita Mama: Mocktails for Moms-to-Be by Alyssa Gusenoff



Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

a very plain diaper cake with a huge pink napkin flower on topone-tier diaper cake

Homemade gifts such as a baby blanket or quilt, a baby time capsule, a gift basket or a diaper cake often make the best baby shower gifts since they are very special and beautiful eye catchers. A diaper cake also makes a very cute baby shower center piece.

There is a number of handmade baby gifts that are easy to make, so just everybody can do it! A great idea is also to help the mummy-to-be make a belly cast. For these and many more unique ideas with instructions see my best homemade baby shower gift ideas.



Best Baby Shower Gifts

Microwavable Plush Buddy or Cherry Pit Pillow

A microwavable plush buddy for baby or a pillow filled with buckwheat or cherry pits also is a favorite of mine and it sure qualifies as one of the best baby shower gifts. And best of all, the mom-to-be can use it, too! You can heat the buddy pillow in the microwave to soothe tummy aches or just to keep yourself or baby warm in wintertime.

Some buddies also have a lavender aroma to help baby sleep better. But be careful with these, my kids never use our lavender horse, even though it looks too cute, but for them it smells sort of 'too much'. 

There are also star-shaped pillows for this purpose or pillows with special baby patterns. However, for babies I prefer real buddies, just like the cute elephant companion from Intelex / Warmies. Check out their complete range of cozy plush microwavable warmers (ad), you surely will find your personal favorite. 



Cute Baby Gifts

Check out my ultimate list of cute baby gifts and each one on the list will make a great baby shower gift, too! 

The Baby Aspen Gift Sets really are an eye catcher and so cute, they are just great for a baby shower, too! Or check out the Kathe Kruse Walldorf Gugguli Dolls as well as the Haba Mobiles.

No matter which of my cute baby gift ideas you choose, they'll all be the perfect gift and a hit at every baby shower! 



More Best Baby Shower Gifts

Hospital Bag For Mommy:

Pack the mum-to-be a bag with everything she might need during her stay at the hospital! Choose a tote of the right size that is suitable to take to the hospital but can also be used afterwards for other purposes such as shopping or travelling. Pack all essentials for the hospital stay in the tote and you really have an awesome baby shower gift!
Tips of what to pack inside (take all or pick your favorites): a cozy nightgown / pajamas, bathrobe, comfy slippers / flip flops or a pair of soft and warm socks, toiletries (preferably travel pack sizes), lip balm, hairband, emergency make-up case, nail file, hairbrush, CD, book or magazine, note pad & pen, some snacks like rice crackers, granola bars, crisp bread, small cartons of juice, gum, candy, etc.
Also add a funny read.



Baby Handprints Tower Kit

Let baby and the new parents create memories! This kit contains everything you need to make baby's hand prints, including instructions and decorative ribbons. The Tower of Time by 'Child to Cherish' enables you to make handprint for the first five years. There's a pink and blue version and even a multi version for unisex use. A really unique gift to be cherished and just perfect for new parents. 



 More Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Blanket

A family with a new baby can never have too many blankets, well, almost never! Especially in wintertime an extra blanket always is welcome. Apart from that, baby may need one for the crib, one for the car seat, one for the stroller, one to take to friends (also to lie on or to play on), maybe one for daycare, one for swaddling, receiving blankets and so on. So even if baby gets several blankets, there will always be a use for it!

Especially nice and cozy are cashmere baby blankets, they sure are a little bit more pricey but they are worth the money and definitely make a great baby shower gift! 

If the baby is a girl your blanket gift may be used for many years to come since dolls need cozy blankets, too!



Baby Emergency Kit

This is a very practical DIY baby gift project and easy to do. Make an emergency kit for baby on the go and pack it into a convenient box or bag.

This little bag should contain everything a new mommy might need when on the go with baby: include items like a couple of diapers in various sizes, a travel pack of wipes, a travel changing pad, a travel pack of diaper ointment, disposable washcloths, a nail clipper for baby, a burp cloth, an extra baby outfit, a zippered wet bag (for a used diaper and/or a soiled baby outfit), a baby hair brush, a boo-boo bunny, baby powder, a formula dispenser, a baby bottle, a spare pacifier, a baby toy, baby face and body lotion, etc.

Mom will always appreciate this kit when 'something goes wrong' while out and about with baby - and believe me, this will happen frequently!  



Gift Card

Last but not least a gift card can be a good alternative. Yes, a gift card can be a good gift! This might be the case if you are unsure what the new family might like. And also if you do not know them too well.

Maybe it's twins or triplets you need the gift for? Or there might be some older siblings and the family already owns most of the baby items needed.  Or maybe even because the new parents asked for it! Then they can decide themselves what to get as their personal best baby shower gift!

Read why a gift card hardly ever fails and get valuable tips of what to keep in mind when giving a gift card for a new baby and its family.

Make some diaper babies to go with the gift card, they are a really cute addition to such a "boring" baby gift. Click the photo to get to the easy tutorial or buy some online for example at

a pair of diaper babies for baby boy, personalized Benitopersonalized diaper babies for baby boy



Best Baby Shower Gifts
For Twins And Multiples

When it comes to the best baby shower gifts for twins and multiples, you should think a bit more practical!
With twins and multiples, (clothing) items like lots of onesies, diapers, babysitting coupons, frozen dinner, a gift card and practical gadgets are more than welcome to help survive everyday life.

Check out the full list of ideas here: best twins and multiples baby shower gifts. 

Did you like my listing for the best baby shower gifts? Do you have any other idea what a mom-to-be absolutely must get at her baby shower? Let me know! I'll be glad to share with the rest of the world. Thank you! 

How to nicely wrap your best baby shower gift. 

What to write in a baby shower card. 



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