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Boy Diaper Cakes

3-tier boy diaper cake with a safari theme in greensafari themed diaper cake for baby boy

I made all boy diaper cakes on this website (except the safari one). If you have any questions, just ask. 

Here are free instructions and lots of inspirational photos of unique diaper cakes with fun designs and fun colors for little boys.

These diaper gift ideas are especially designed for male babies. They are crafted in blue or blue-ish colors, have blue accessories or a special boy theme. But green-ish colors, brown-ish colors and gray go very well with a boy diaper gift, too.   

A pampers cake gift is something special and personal. And it is so easy that just everybody can do it. So here is how! I have put together my top ideas for baby boy cakes made of diapers. Browse this page, choose your favorites or just get inspirations and then go ahead to make an awesome diaper cake yourself!

No time to make a diaper cake yourself?     

boy diaper cakes for sale

Popular Themes For Boy Diaper Cakes

Choose 'everything boy like' such as:
- dinosaur diaper cake 
- wild animals / zoo animals diaper cake
- safari nappy cake
- sports pampers cake
- train diaper cake
- race cars / Disney Cars diaper cake
- motorcycles / Harley Davidson diaper cake
- tools diaper cake
- tractors / John Deere pampers cake 
- pirates diaper cake
- policemen / firemen nappy cake
- building vehicles diaper cake, etc.

motorcycle diaper cake with a cuddly mouse being the driver, mainly blue colors, side viewtypically boy: motorcycle diaper cake

tricycle diaper cake tutorial

Also everything blue / everything in blue shades, and baby items with a typical boy theme such as:
- Thomas the Tank Engine - Bob The Builder - Disney Cars - Hot Wheels - Chuggington - Fireman Sam - Little Red Tractor - Land Before Time - Paw Patrol, etc.

Often party decoration from a Party Supplies Store will do the trick, they have lots of goodies to pimp up your boy cake with. Such as: garlands, little flags, mini candles, stickers, and more. Baby shower party supplies also are a great source for your cake decoration. They carry lots of things with baby boy patterns and designs, such as 'It's a boy' banners and signs, crepe streamers (instead of ribbon), baby cut-outs, etc.       

Popular items to fix to diaper cakes are baby boy onesies, boy pacifiers, boy socks or booties, blue baby plush toys and so on. Browse here to see what to attach to your cake and how to best fix it - just always use the boy version respectively predominantly blue and 'boyish' colors such as green and brown for creating unique boy diapercakes! 

for detailed instructions just click the photo



Unique DIY Boy Diaper Cakes

a three tier diaper cake in green and blue, personalized with large letters BRUNO, a beetle rattle on toppersonalized diaper cake for baby Bruno

To learn how to make a boy diaper cake 'basis', follow my free instructions for a 3-tier plain diaper cake.

Leave away the cotton swabs and choose a blue ribbon or if you prefer, any other color going well with the rest of your items. Then decorate with the theme and items of your choice as shown here.  

Pirate Diaper Cake

3-tier diaper cake with lots of pirates, and pirate themed decoration, personalized 'TIM', main colors are blue and blackfor "real" boys: pirate diaper cake

For this pirate diaper cake I have used a small Playmobil set with pirates, a treasure chest, a monkey, a palm tree and a pirate flag. I have placed the pirates and pirate accessories around the cake. You can easily fix the Playmobil pirates by just hanging them somewhere on your ribbon. I have stuffed the top with a washcloth with a pirate design and have fixed a Playmobil palm tree there.

This cake is also a personalized. The letters have a pirate theme making them perfect for this cool boy diaper cake!

For safety reasons, mommy needs to keep the Playmobil toys aside until baby boy is at least three years old!

If you like pirate designs, also have a look at the pirate diaper bouquet below!

Disney Cars Diaper Cake

a large diaper cake decorated with various Cars characters, main colors yellow, blue and redCars diaper cake

This Cars Diaper Cake features a Disney Cars playset and some baby spoons. The little cars are lightweight and can easily be placed on top of the diapers. At the top I have fixed a gift certificate and a toy wind wheel. The base is covered with 2 Disney Cars napkins. A real eye-catcher for every car lover!

Here, too, the toys must be kept away from baby until he is old enough to play with them!   

If you want to include Disney Cars baby merchandise into your boy diaper cake, consider the following items: Cars thermal bottle as your center piece, Cars flatware (available by First Years) to stick upside down into your diapers, Cars baby booties to stick between the diapers or to place on top, Cars toddler blanket to go around your cake or to stick into the middle (rolled up), Cars 'Baby on Board' sign to place on top, Cars onesies to roll up and stick between your diapers (remove a diaper from your cake and replace by the rolled up onesie), Cars baby bottles to replace a diaper, Cars stickers to decorate your cake, etc. Also check for Disney Cars party decoration such as flags, road signs, ribbons, and so on.



Dog Diaper Cake

large boys diaper cake in light blue with a cuddly puppy on toppuppy diaper cake
details of the diaper cake on the left side, pacifier chain with soccer balls attached to the cakedetails

The cute boy diaper cake above features a cuddly dog sitting on top. It's decorated with some baby care items such as baby oil and baby lotion as well as 2 pairs of baby socks rolled as flowers, a pacifier and a soccer themed pacifier chain. It's personalized for baby boy 'Danjel'. I have also used fuzzy turquoise pompoms in different sizes to top some of the diapers. While artificial flowers and roses are  cute for a girl diaper cake, these pom-poms are ideal for a boy diaper cake.     


Below is another dog diaper cake idea. I integrated these absolutely cute and personalized leather crawling booties with a dog and "Paul Louis" name on into my boy diaper cake. There's a cuddly toy puppy on top and also the onesie I included into the cake (rolled into a flower bud) has a puppy design. 

For this 3-tier pampers cake I have used 3 packs of 40 diapers each, so all in all it consists of 120 rolled pampers. In the bottom tier I have also integrated a diaper baby wearing a sock hat and sock "sleeping bag".

personalized booties and dog diaper cake

Giraffe Diaper Cake

The giraffe diaper cake is quite similar to the puppy one, as a centerpiece on top I have used a giraffe baby rattle stick and have matched some of the accessories in yellow colors.

3-tier diaper cake in blue and yellow with a cute giraffe rattle on top, sticking out of the cakegiraffe diaper cake

Bathtime Diaper Cake

3-tier diaper cake in blue with a big blue fish (bathing sponge) on topbathtime time diaper cake / under the sea diaper cake

For this under the sea or bath time boy diaper cake I have used blue squirting toys, some maritime cloth pegs, baby spoons, bottles of baby bath and baby shampoo (to fix them I have removed 2 diapers each and have placed the bottles inside the ribbon) and finally a fish sponge at the top. Splish splash, have fun, little baby boy -and your mom, too!  

Snail Diaper Cake

With selecting the right colors and 'ingredients' you can create a perfect boy diaper cake out of a more girly theme. I have chosen the accessories and ribbons in green and different shades of blue and have added some pink post partum body care products for the new mom. I have replaced some diapers of the base with some little bottles and tubes for mommy. This cake is a mixture of a traditional diaper cake (first tier) with a diaper snail on top. If you want to see how to make it, click on the diaper snail image.



Other Boy Diaper Gift Ideas

As diaper cakes are very popular you'll probably find at least one at every baby shower party - however, the following boy diaper gift creations are  something unique and special.

Boy Diaper Bouquet

a boy diaper bouquet with pirate tights, colors are mainly in bluepirate diaper cake
a boy diaper bouquet with dinosaur tights, colors are mainly in dark bluedinosaur diaper cake

These bouquets, a pirate diaper bouquet and a dino diaper bouquet, contain lots of baby goodies. They are easy to make and really make an impression!
Learn here how to make these stunning diaper bouquets! 

Boy Diaper Babies

Aren't they cute? All you need for this boy diaper gift are diapers, socks, washcloths, a baby storage box, a burp cloth, wobbly eyes and some decorative ribbon - preferably everything in 'boy colors'. You can also personalize this gift. See another idea how to arrange these babies in the photo below. For instructions click the image above.  



Boy Diaper Owl / Boy Diaper Snail

These are so cute, too. Just get some blue accessories and these diaper animals make a perfect diaper gift for a baby boy! Even though an owl and a snail are not a typical boy theme, these work out just fine for male babies if made in blue, green, brown or even grey. 

How to make them? Just click on the photos to get directions. Link for the diaper snail, see above's section snail diaper cake.

a diaper snail with a blue hat and a green frog on topboy diaper snail

More Boy Diaper Cake Ideas

a big brown basket with 8 diaper babies mainly in blue and whitelarge diaper babies basket

a diaper bundle held together by a burp cloth with a beetle rattle toy on topdiaper bundle

Hot air balloon diaper cake instructions.

balloon diaper cake: a large brown basket filled with lots of baby goodies, a big white balloon on top glued to 4 wooden sticks, personalized for Henriup, up and away... hot air balloon diaper cake

a diaper sailing boat consisting of a burp cloth filled with diapers, a yellow rubber duck is sitting on the boatdiaper sailboat for little sailors

It's a girl!? Girl Diaper Cakes.

More unique baby boy gifts.

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