Take The Right Step: Organic Baby Shoes

Why are organic baby shoes important? 
And why do baby shoes make a great newborn gift?

even cuddly toys prefer organic shoes ;-)

Babies tend to take everything in their mouth. They like to nibble and chew on their toes and - if they wear shoes or booties - also on these. 

In spring, autumn and winter and even on cooler summer days you can't just leave baby barefoot which actually would be the best. When it's cold and freezing you need to keep these little feet warm and cozy. And when baby starts to walk you also need to protect its delicate feet from little stones, glass and even dirt, etc.

You need a pair of (leather) baby shoes! If there are harmful substances in the shoes, the little one can easily absorb them and get ill or develop eczema and even cancer as various tests revealed! Organic baby shoes give you peace of mind that this does not happen!

Lightweight, soft leather is a popular choice for organic baby shoes and they are comfortable and breathable. Fully-flexible rubber soles are also vital since the bones in a baby’s foot are still very soft at this age. Therefore it is very important that their feet are not prevented from moving in their natural rocking motion.

Organic baby booties or shoes make a great gift for two reasons. First, they are good and healthy for baby and second, baby's first shoes make a really great keepsake!    

There's nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet.

So keep them safe and healthy!

Tests revealed hazardous substances in baby shoes!

Oekotest is a German magazine that evaluates and ranks various consumer products for its effect on health & environment. A test in February 2011 by Oekotest revealed that out of 19 baby leather shoes tested just one was rated 'good'. Many of the baby leather booties contained Chrome VI (Chromate), PAK and Formaldehydes which are known to trigger allergies and may even cause cancer. This, in 2011, C&A had to recall 15.000 leather baby booties since they contained Chrome VI.

Another Oekotest result was just published in their April 2015 issue. In this study, 13 sneakers for toddlers and kindergarten kids were tested. Unfortunately the outcome of this test was equally shocking!  

Hazardous chemicals are a serious issue and unfortunately Chrome VI in baby shoes still poses a problem. Just recently, in the beginning of 2014, another 23 pairs of baby shoes and children shoes were examined in Germany. Out of these, 6 pairs exceeded the Chromate limit allowed by far. And only half of the products was totally free of Chromate VI. 

Consumers can neither see nor smell whether a baby leather shoe contains Chrome VI. And origin and price of the product are not a distinctive criteria either. Thus, the best way to avoid any harmful substances is to look out for organic baby shoes and baby shoes with trustworthy safety certificates and seals.     

Learn more about Chrome VI in leather shoes and leather goods.

Where To Buy Organic Baby Shoes:

Here are a few organic baby shoes brands that are available in shops and at online dealers - safe and natural and free from harmful substances and chemicals such as Chrome VI. 

Bobux Shoes

When it comes to organic baby shoes made of quality leather, Bobux from New Zealand are my personal first choice. Did you know these beautiful baby, toddler and kids shoes are around since 1991 already? By now they are available in over 18 countries all over the world. Bobux baby shoes are made from 100% eco-leather and with environmentally friendly non-toxic colors. Bobux shoes are Chrome-free and they are safe even if babies put them into their mouth.
Due to a unique elastic system, Bobux shoes slip on easily and off but at the same time stay on. And all Bobux slippers and shoes are even washable!
Kids of all ages love these breathable leather shoes because they are absolutely comfortable. Pediatricians, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons recommend these soft shoes because they come very close to barefoot running.

For infants and crawlers Bobux have cute leather crib shoes with special colors and tons of motifs such as hearts, crown, flowers, trains, cars, penguins for girls and boys.

For pre-walkers and first walkers Bobux offer the Bobux i-Walk Junior shoes with a special two-part split sole. They are extra soft and light as a feather, and are suitable for baby's first steps. A unique split sole provides flexible, slip-resistant protection for first walkers and cruisers. They are primarily for indoor use since the sole is not waterproof.

Bobux i-Walk children's shoes with soft flexible rubber soles are perfect for little walkers. The 100% eco leather uppers and 100% eco leather linings allow for maximum breathability of a kid's foot all season long. With the full sole the shoes may be worn in wet weather, too. By choosing i-Walk you give your kid’s feet the best start!

Bobux Eco Shoes for babies and toddlers.


Unfortunately, available in Europe, Australia, South Korea, China and Hong Kong only.
Pololo baby shoes - these handmade non-skidding baby and toddler leather slippers come in a great and super cute variety and they are made in Germany. They are also available for adults. Pololo shoes are 100% ecological and made from ecologically-tanned (vegetably tanned) nappa leather. However, so far they are only sold via online shops in Europe, Australia, China, South Korea and Hong Kong or by retailers throughout Europe. For more details and updates see pololo.com.

Goumikids Goumiboots Organic Stay On Baby Booties

These cute organic baby booties are made to stay on baby's feet. They are made of a sustainable blend of 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% cotton blend. And they are machine washable which is very handy with baby booties. They come in many colors and prints and sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. 

Daisy Roots - manufactured in UK

Daisy Roots manufacture handmade soft soled leather baby and toddler shoes in the UK. They are made from genuine, Chrome-free tanned leather.  Their range is for infants and toddlers aged up to 4 years old and they are sold in over twenty five countries worldwide. Shipping to the USA is available for 8 $.

Check out their website at daisy-roots.com.

Robeez Eco Collection

Robeez was found in Canada in 1994. The story is short and convincing: a mother handcrafted a pair of soft-soled leather shoes for her own son. Starting with only a few pairs of shoes from her home in Vancouver, BC, the company has grown and Robeez nowadays is known across the world. In September 2006, Robeez was acquired by Stride Rite Corporation. Robeez Eco Collection is made of green materials only, that is naturally tanned suede, naturally tanned leather, 100% organic cotton canvas and water soluble inks. Their 1st Stepz Eco Collection has a sole made from 30% recycled rubber. Available sizes are up to 24 months. Shop for Robeez.

Anna & Paul

Anna & Paul are a German company that manufacture organic crawling shoes made of high-quality natural leather.  Their products are simple adorable! They claim the leather of their shoes is free from chromium, formaldehyde and azo dye. In the aforementioned Oekotest they were the only company whose shoes were rated 'good'! Anna & Paul have a wide choice of adorable leather slippers from 0 to 2 years. The slippers can be ordered via their online shop and are also available at exclusive dealers in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland (see more details at annaundpaul.de). Anna & Paul baby shoes have been featured in various magazines and they meanwhile offer worldwide shipping, at a very high rate, though. Also, so far their webpage is availabe in German only.  

Moon Baby Organics

The organic soft sole suede baby moccasins by Moon are extremely cute and soft and of great quality, too. They are available in size 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months. You can get them  in many colors, to name just a few: caramel, midnight (blue), rose (pink), coffee (brown), silver and even gold. The cutest for little girls are the ones with the strawberry design, though! 

Sckoon Organics, Organic Baby Booties 

Sckoon offer baby booties for 0-6 months (more of the socks type and only for newborns up to 6 months) made of certified 100% organic cotton in various designs, colors and sizes. Their booties match the rest of their organic collection and make a great eco-friendly baby gift set. Sckoon's organic baby clothes are manufactured in fair-trade factories and certified organic by international certification agencies. Shop for Sckoon organic baby booties.

More cute organic baby shoes and booties:

Clamfeet soft soled baby organic moccasins
Satsuma Designs Organic Booties, natural

Advice from the Oekotest expert:

As so many potentially hazardous pollutants have been found in baby and kids shoes, babies and children should always wear long socks in their shoes. And it is best, to have your kids walk barefoot as often as possible. Dr. Carl Heinz Ullrich, Orthopedist and Sports Physician, explains that this is also more healthy because it strengthens the muscles and the coordination of the lower limb.

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