Diaper Gift Ideas 

a diaper base with a diaper snail on top, a cuddly horse riding on top of the snaillots of diapers "wrapped" in a cute way: girl diaper cake

Giving a diaper gift is very practical as every family with a baby is in need of lots and lots of diapers. 

Of course you can just buy a pack or box of diapers and hand it as the gift, basically there is nothing wrong with this. But why not "disguise" your diaper pack(s) and make something special out of them so it is not just giving a pack of diapers?

Let me show you some cute ways of how to make something unique out of diapers!

Diapers are a great gift idea for everybody but especially for:

- a family with twins or multiples

- a family with older siblings where the basics are already there

- a family that 'already has got everything'



Cute Ways To Present A Diaper Gift

Make A Diaper & Wipes Gift Basket:

So the "goal" is to accommodate as many diapers as possible. If you put them in a box you do not have to roll the diapers. Sometimes you can even place the complete unpacked pack of diapers in your container or box. Buy a large nursery storage container with a cute design such as this one 


(available for example from Skip Hop, JJ Cole, 3 Sprouts) and fill it up with diapers. Also add one or multiple packs of wipes. Take a colorful burp cloth and place it on top. Then make a bunch of diaper babies and place them on top of your storage bin. How cute is that!?

For the diaper babies tutorial click on the image.   




a big box filled with 6 pink diaper babies and various baby goodiesdiapers, diaper babies, musical toy, burp cloth and bib arranged in a decorative storage box from JJ Cole



Make A Giant Cupcake:

Take a large bucket - preferably in a pastel color - or an upright bath baby tub and stack your diapers in there. Fill the bottom up with diapers whichever way you like. For your top layer, take a burp cloth and have it hang over the bucket. Then start on the outside and stack the diapers sideways to the walls, in a circle. Work your way to the inside and leave a hole. Roll up one diaper and several others around. Stick this roll of diapers in the middle. Have it poke out a bit like a blossom. To make it more colorful, include a baby scarf or a little burp cloth in the diaper roll for the middle. Alternatively roll a colorful onesie for your middle.

At discretion, finish by tying a large bow around your giant diaper cupcake (the bucket)! 


The original tummy tub, perfect for your diaper cupcake:




Make A Diaper Meadow:

This idea is similar to the cupcake one. Take a (green) bucket or a storage container and fill up with diapers. The top layer needs to be vertical and very tight so you can later on stick some baby spoons or artificial flowers in there. You can also roll the diapers up and squeeze the rolls in your container.

For the baby spoon flowers take some green or also colored baby spoons and fix some blossoms on there. Your blossoms can be pacifiers, artificial flower blossoms, napkin flowers, rolled baby socks, etc. For the artificial flower blossoms on a baby spoon see the baby shower decoration below. Fix the flowers with a rubber band or some rolled up sticky tape. You can also glue them on the spoons but then the spoon can't be used anymore ;-) 



Make Diaper Cakes:

Create a diaper cake, diaper bouquet, diaper snail, diaper owl or any other cute diaper 'creature'.

Click on the photos for instructions.

Special Tip

In case you do not know what to do with your left-over diapers, just wrap them up (for example in a burp cloth to make it look like a stork bundle) and give them together with your diaper gift!



Make A Diaper Bundle:

boy diaper bundle

For this cute diaper stork bundle roll up some diapers and fix them with a ribbon.

Stack the diapers, wrap them in a burp cloth and attach a baby rattle or baby toy.

Some decorative ribbons and bows complete your diaper bundle.

Here I have used a Haba clutching toy, called 'Beetle Anton' and the burp cloth has beetles on it, too. 



How To Creatively Wrap A Pack Of Diapers:

  • The easiest way, is to put a broad ribbon around your diaper pack or box and tie a big bow. Take a pastel blue ribbon for a boy and a pastel pink one for a girl. For a cute decoration, additionally attach some little gadgets like for example a pacifier or some colorful baby spoons.
  • Buy a really large gift bag with a baby design and place your pack(s) in there.

  • Try to wrap your diaper pack as a 'huge diaper baby' or make a 'toy car' out of it. For a diaper baby packing, wrap a burp cloth or baby blanket half way round your diaper pack. Then make a cardboard face and glue it on your pack. The idea is that it looks as if the baby was laying in a sleeping bag. For the toy car diaper gift use an economy box of pampers. Make some cardboard wheels, a cardboard windscreen etc. and glue on your box. An empty toilet roll can be used as an exhaust pipe. Just let your imagination play... 



How To Personalize Your Diaper Gift:

Little wooden letters and colorful beads on a string or satin ribbon are a cute way to personalize your diaper gift. Attach the 'name ribbon' by simply tying knots or with some small cloths pegs.  

You can also use bigger, self-adhesive (wooden) letters for personalization. Later on the parents can use these to attach to baby's nursery door on to the wall of baby's nursery.

cute and colorful name ribbons to attach to your (diaper) gift




More cute ideas for wrapping a baby shower gift.


lined up diaper babies


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