Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

adorable baby Mia

Personalized baby gifts are easy to find. But for really unique personalized baby gifts you have to dig deep!

Since they are so popular, name gifts for new babies are available in a lot of varieties and styles. Here, I present you with with my favorite choices of really unique baby gift ideas that are easy to personalize.

Bear in mind that personalized gifts usually have a longer delivery period and thus are not suited for 'last minute gifts'. 

Personalized Baby Onesie

Have a personalized onesie made for the little one just like the one for Mia pictured above. While a personalized baby bodysuit is cute itself, it's also suited to take cute keepsake photos with. But parents can actually keep the onesie itself forever in baby's keepsake box. When the child has grown up it's always hard to figure that baby once was THAT SMALL and fitted in such a cute little baby creeper!

So even in years to come this gift probably will still cause many 'ahs' and 'ohs'... 


My Personalized Baby Design 

This adorable baby design, available in pink for girls, blue for boys and red for girls and boys has been created by myself. You can add baby's name individually and have the design printed on various products such as baby blankets, baby shirts and creepers, baby bibs, pillows, posters and nursery wall art, etc. Check it out on Zazzle.

Also really cute for twins!


Personalized Baby Plate

Whether it's just a plain plate with the name on or a theme plate with the name added - a personalized baby plate is a great present. You can even get them hand painted and signed by the artist.

Consider, that for a baby just learning to eat, a melamine plate actually might be handier than a ceramic plate.  But then, ceramic can be used much longer and it also looks 'just nicer'. 

This really is a unique gift for both baby girls and boys, as well as twins and multiples. And why not add a personalized baby spoon, too?


Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle, Handmade

Personalized Baby Blanket

A classic you can never go wrong with. A soft blanket keeps baby nice and warm. And if baby becomes too big for it, toddlers and kids still like to use the blanket for their dolls or teddy bears. At least, mine do!

#ad Cute personalized baby girl blanket:



Personalized Baby Buddy Or Doll

Everybody needs a friend! A little cuddly buddy for baby like the teddy bear below is always nice. And it's even nicer if everybody knows at once who it belongs to! 

#ad Personalized Teddy Bear

Personalized Baby Book

The little ones will love to hear and read about themselves in a book. Who wouldn't like to play the leading role and be a princess or a pirate for as long as the story goes and over and over again...? A personalized book is a cute baby present indeed and will be cherished for a lifetime. Check out the unique offerings of "I See Me". They have personalized board books, personalized Christmas books, personalized gift sets and even personalized growth charts!

Personalized Baby Jewelery

Personalized baby jewelry is available in many forms and styles. There are necklaces, rings, earings, bracelets or charms available. There is gold and silver, pearl or gemstone. And the personalization can be done in many ways, too: engraved, alphabet letters bead style, simply with a birthstone or with a combination. There are hardly any limits and the choice is yours!




Baby Name Frame

Here you have two possibilities. You can either choose a photo frame personalized with baby's name and if you like also with his / her date of birth and other birth details.

The second possibility is baby's name in a frame as a room decoration. Check out both possibilities and decide yourself. I think both are a cute and unique personalized baby gift idea!

Another cute nursery wall art idea is to choose a baby quote personalized with baby's name. 



More Unique Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

Personalized Diaper Cake Or Personalized Baby Gift Basket

3 tier diaper cake mostly in red, personalized with large wooden letters "Margarete"personalized 3-tier diaper cake for baby Margarete

Something homemade and personalised with baby's name really is a unique personalized baby gift: make a diaper cake or a baby gift basket and put baby's name on it! Choose letters that still can be used later on for other purposes. For example, wooden letters can be glued to a picture frame or the nursery door.

Learn how to make a diaper cake and how to attach wooden letters  with baby's name.  

How to make a baby gift basket.  

personalized diaper cake for Mia



A cute and easy way to personalize a homemade diaper gift:

wooden beads on a satin ribbon. Attach to a diaper snail for example.

Homemade personalized magic wand to add to your baby gift:

magic wand for baby Stella

- place on the wrapped gift

- stick into your baby gift basket

- stick on your diaper cake

- glue on a photo frame

- use for a time capsule

- glue on your baby gift card envelope



Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

Time Capsule For Baby

Ever thought about making a time capsule for baby? A time capsule makes a really unique personalized baby gift - and in addition, it is even homemade! Take a big box, write baby's name on it or glue wooden letters on it and fill it with lots of personalized baby things. Here's a list with more than 35 ideas of what to include in your baby time capsule



Door Plaque For Baby's Nursery

These personalized door plates are very cute. Available in various designs and sizes and with selected girl and boy names. Meaning delivery is quick since they are ready-made.   



Selecting a design for a door plate: while a princess design is cute for a baby  and kindergarten kid, it might not be cool for a school kid anymore. If you choose something more 'ageless' (for example flowers, patterns, animals) the door plaque might be longer in use! 



Personalized Toy Box

What a cute accessory for baby's nursery! While baby is still small, the toy box can be used to store blankets, baby towels, diapers, etc. and later on the toddler has a great place to store its toys!




I hope my ideas have helped you to find that perfect unique personalized baby gift for the special baby you want to give it to. 


Ways to personalize a baby gift.

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