Baby Shower Gift Cards

In some cases, baby shower gift cards are a safe bet if you cannot decide on a 'real' baby gift. Even though there are many great baby gift ideas around, it does not really make sense to buy something useless - and some families are really hard to shop for!

Thus, in certain cases, a gift certificate by all means can be a great alternative to a 'real' baby gift.

Here are some more reasons why!

Why And When Baby Gift Cards Are A Reasonable Alternative:

In case you do not know the family very well but nevertheless want to give something but cannot think of a particular baby gift at all. With a gift card, the new parents can select what they really want and need.

This might be one of the families that already have 'everything' and you just don't know what else you could get for them.

If this is the family's 3rd, 4th, 5th or even umpteenth baby, they probably will have all the vital gear already. So instead of giving them yet another bib or blanket, give them a gift card and let them choose themselves what to get - even if it is 'just diapers'.

The presentees can decide themselves what they want to get for the baby and when - in doing so the 'when' can be months and even years later, since most gift cards never expire!


The shower invitation might explicitly say that baby shower gift certificates or diapers are welcome (even though some people think this violates baby shower etiquettes).

Or gift cards could even be on the baby registry. In that case you could pimp up your gift certificate with a homemade diaper animal or a one-tier diaper cake


Baby Shower Gift Cards: Great To Send Abroad!

You might not be able to attend the baby shower since you live too far away or even abroad.  In that case, sending a baby shower gift card is much easier than sending a 'real' and maybe bulky gift. Moreover, sending a gift card is less costly than sending a big package, especially if you live abroad. And if you e-mail your gift card 'shipping' is even free. Just do not forget to choose your card from a store where you can include a personal message! If the recipient lives abroad, an amazon gift card will beyour best coice. Bear in mind to visit the amazon store of the country where the presentee lives and buy it there (for example at,,,,, etc.). 

If you do not know the gender of the baby it is hard to buy clothes, But mummy and daddy can, once baby is born, choose a girly pink or a boyish blue outfit with your gift card.

Sometimes, you just need a last minute gift So, if you need your gift the same day and have no time to go Shopping, a gift card is your 'sheet anchor'. Buying and sending an online baby gift certificate will be a matter of a few minutes only. 



What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Baby Shower Gift Card:

Before you decide where to get your gift card, be aware that different terms and conditions in regards to expiry date, unused balance, amount to choose, etc. apply!  See the pitfalls, what exactly to keep in mind and where to best buy your baby gift card from. Gift Cards to Celebrate a New Baby.



What To Write In Your Congratulations Card For The New Baby If You Give A Gift Card:

This sample text goes really well with your gift card for baby:

Congratulations and all the best on the upcoming birth of your baby! So many things are needed for the new arrival and that's a great excuse to shop! Have fun and select yourself what you need for the little one. 

More new baby messages for your baby shower congratulations card.



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