Girl Diaper Cakes

diaper cake for baby girl

Get some inspiration for unique girl diaper cakes!
I have put together the best ideas for diaper cakes and diaper gifts especially for baby girls. Browse this page, choose your favorite theme and items and then start your diaper cake project!

How to make a diaper cake for a girl: first, follow my instructions for a 3-tier simple diaper cake. Leave away the cotton swabs and choose a pink, purple or red ribbon or any other color going well with the rest of your decorating items.

Decoration Ideas For Girl Diaper Cakes

Suitable for decorating is 'everything girlie' such as articles with
* hearts,
* crowns,
* glitter and gliz,
* wands,
* flowers,
* butterflies.

Also everything rose, pink, creme, red and baby items with a popular girl theme such as
* Barbie - for a Barbie Diaper Cake,
* Hello Kitty - for a Hello Kitty Diaper Cake,
* Disney Princess - for a Princess Diaper Cake,
* Disney Fairies - for a Fairy Diaper Cake,
* Dora The Explorer - for a Dora Diaper Cake,
* Strawberry Shortcake - for a Strawberry Shortcake Diaper Cake,
* My Little Pony - for a Pony Diaper Cake,
* Minnie Mouse - for a Mouse Diaper Cake,
* Polly Pocket - for a Doll Diaper Cake, etc.

small girl diaper cake

You can find lots of cute things at Party Supplies Stores to decorate your baby girl pampers cake with such as cocktail umbrellas, garlands, little flags, mini candles, etc. Baby Shower Party Supplies also are a great source for your cake's decoration. They usually have cute baby girl patterns and designs, and items such as 'It's a girl' banners and signs, crepe streamers (instead of ribbon), baby cut-outs, etc.

Popular items to fix to girl diaper cakes are for example baby girl onesies, girl pacifiers, girl socks or booties, pink baby plush toys and so on. Here are lots of ideas of what to attach to a diaper cake and how to best fix it - just always use the girl version respectively pink and pale colors for a beautiful diaper cake for little girls! 

Shop girly accessories and items to include into your girly diaper cake: things like daisy flower hairclips or rose flower hairclips are really cute and easy to clip to a diaper cake.

Baby Mary Janes or girly baby booties are great to put on top of your cake as your centerpiece.

Take individual diapers off your cake and insert rolled up onesies or bibs instead. Attach girly pacifiers with a ribbon and / or a pink baby feeding spoon.

 Where to best buy diaper cakes for girls.

Girl Diaper Cake Ideas And Photos

3 tier girl diaper cake

This pink and bordeaux diaper cake for baby girl Ruby includes a cat wrist rattle and a mouse rattle on top, a pink bottle brush, body lotion for mommy, baby wash, a pacifier, baby socks, baby spoons and some chocolate truffles (wrapped in shiny pink paper). 

princess diaper cake with flowers

This baby girl diaper cake features a Haba pacifier chain fixed with the help of baby spoons, a onesie on top with 3 baby spoons, artificial flowers and little princess flags.   

hearts diaper cake

For this little hearts diaper cake I have used little clothes pegs with hearts attached, a hearts garland and a onesie on top (I have simply stuffed the onesie between the diapers to make it look like a flower) and have then placed a heart in the middle.

girl bathtime diaper cake

This bathtime themed diaper cake for baby girls is embellished with a bottle of princess shampoo at the top, a girlie fish sponge (fixed to the cake with three pegs and baby spoons), a little bottle of baby bath, artificial roses and two squirting toys. 

large girl snail diaper cake

This is a diaper cake with a twist! It consists of a diaper cake base and a diaper snail on top of it. All  decoration is in a pale green, a pale pink or violet. I have also added some 'mummy stuff' (like shower gel, massage gel and some lotion) into the diaper cake base. Inside the snail's house is a rolled onesie while two 'sock flowers' complement this cute girl diaper cake.   

The snail easily stays on top of your diaper base if you use 3 baby spoons to stabilize it on there. One on each side and one at the back. If you want to make a diaper cake like that, learn how to make a diaper snail here.

Minnie Mouse diaper cake

This adorable Minnie Mouse diaper cake is made the same way as the snail diaper cake above. It features a cute H&M Minnie Mouse outfit consisting of the Minnie Mouse hat, a onesie and leggings. The onesie and leggings are rolled into the mouse's belly. You find the complete tutorial here.

Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake: pink Piglet - Winnie The Pooh's friend - is just perfect for a diaper cake for a newborn girl. Click the photo to learn how to make this adorable Disney Girl Piglet Diaper Cake.

No time? No patience? No experience?
beautiful diaper cakes for baby girls!

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Unique Girl Diaper Gift Ideas:

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girl diaper snail in pink

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frog princess diaper cake