Baptism Gift Ideas For Babies

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Here are some baptism gift ideas for when you are invited to a baby's baptism/christening. This is the right place to find the perfect baby baptism gift.

I have searched the net and the stores for you to save you some really hard work and thinking! See my tips and a pre-selection of really unique and cute baptismal gifts for babies.


Baby's Baptism - A Really Joyful Event

The baptism of a baby is a joyful celebration. With it, by request of its parents, baby is accepted as a member of the church. It's a great idea if your gift somehow reflects that happy event.

 These baptism gift ideas are categorized as follows:

* symbolic baptism gifts,

* religious / classic christening gift ideas

* 'other' baptism gift ideas.

On this page I have especially listed symbolic baptism gifts. At the  bottom of this page, you'll find a link to direct you to religious, classic and other baptism gift ideas.


A little extra tip:

This cute 'Lamb Christening Rattle' is cute to decorate your baptism gift or to accompany your gift certificate. Tie it to a ribbon and attach it to your present or envelope.


Find more cute gift wrapping ideas here.

Symbolic Baptism Gift Ideas

Plant A Tree For Baby

a pair of hands planting a little plant / tree into brown soil

This gift symbolizes growth, food, sustainability and life itself. Give baby a tree as a baptism gift. Suitable is a fruit tree such as an apple tree to plant in "baby's" garden. Give the tree in a pot and plant with baby's parents or once the baby is a toddler and can help, too. The little child can see its tree grow and some years later the kid will love to watch the apples grow, harvest them and eat them.

Another suitable tree is a ginkgo tree, also called  "tree of life". The ginkgo is native to China and since ancient times has been planted in Japanese and Chinese gardens. It is now valued in many parts of the world. Because of its healing properties, the tree is associated with strength, hope and life. 

A really personal gift idea! Give together with a card explaining what the gift symbolizes and that it is meant to accompany baby's life.    

Name A Star

Name a star for baby, symbolizing love, eternity, light and closeness. Buy and name a star for baby's baptism. However, you should be aware that the star name you are purchasing is not scientifically recognized - nevertheless this is a nice personalized gift. You can order it online and you will get a star certificate with the precise coordinates to present at baby's special day. There are several online sellers, all offering several gift packs at various prices. Packages come for example with a framed or unframed certificate, as a kids package, as a deluxe package, with a charm, etc. The certificates also come in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, and others.

Check all details and prices out here:, 

Baby Nightlight

Bring happiness and brightness into baby's life by giving a baby nightlight for baby's baptism. Add a card and explain what your gift should symbolize!

There are many cute nightlights with various features available. You can get some in the form of a sheep or lamb which I think is great for a baptism gift since the lamb is a common symbol in religion. The Berest 'Rechargeable Dreamy Sheep" with sounds and lights is really cute. If you prefer another animal, there's a large choice of designs. 

The plug-in stained angel nightlight is in Tiffany style and also a great idea to give for a baby's baptism! It comes in a variety of colors so you can even choose a pink one of a girl and a blue one for a boy. 


Noah's Ark Piggy Bank

The Precious Moments Noah's Ark piggy bank is very cute and suitable for baby's of every gender - and it even has a biblical theme! A unique and very thoughtful symbolic gift for a baptism to make sure baby always has a few extra pennies in his life.

This is also a great extra for a money gift. Add a quote such as "This piggy bank is for hopes, projects and schemes to help you save for all your dreams."   


More Symbolic Baptism Gift Ideas

A Baptism Blanket For Your Godchild

Give baby warmth and a sense of security to your godchild. This baby blanket features a religious baby quote for your godchild. A truly unique baptism gift idea from a godmother or godfather. 


Guardian Angel For Baby

Choose a guarding angel to protect baby! The well-known German company HABA feature very cute and cuddly guardian angel dolls and guardian angel clutching toys which are recommended from birth. Pictured below is Toni. He and his girl friend Tine are approx. 9" tall and belong to HABA's pure nature line: controlled organic farming produces the highest quality cottons for both the threads and the outer materials; tested by an independent CPSC accredited laboratory, LGA, that specifically control harmful substances. So you can be sure the doll does not only look cute but is a safe toy for baby, too. Check out and search for your country or  

a winged blonde boy dolly wearing a green bodysuit and blue shoes standing in a gift boxso cute: guardian angel Toni

When giving a guardian angel, it's a cute idea to add this quote to your card:

'From joyful angels you have come, to fill our hearts with love. A guardian angel keeps her watch, protecting from above'. 



Gift Certificate For Baby's First Shoes

Help baby make the first steps into this wonderful world by giving a gift certificate for its first shoes! Design a nice gift voucher and offer to accompany the family and baby when they go to the shoe store and to pay for baby's first shoes. These first shoes often also become a keepsake. So even if they won't fit for too long, they will be a gift for a lifetime! 

Browse for safe organic baby shoes.

Baby Time Capsule

This baptism gift idea is timeless: make or start a baby time capsule to preserve a part of history for baby. This gift sympolizes the past, history, childhood and much more. Here is how to make a time capsule for baby. 



The Perfect Addition To Your Gift Card For Baby's Baptism:

If you have been asked for a gift card or if you want to give a baby gift card or a certificate for baby's first shoes, make some diaper babies to go with it.

These are really cute and nice to pimp up a baby gift voucher with. And they are easy to make! For instructions click the photo on the right.

Religious, classic and other baptism gift ideas

Want to know what to write in your baby baptism card? Find religious baby poems and baby bible verses to cite as well as sample messages for your baptismal congratulations here: religious baby wishes.  



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