Cheap Baby Gifts
- Ideas For Under $10 -

Need ideas for cheap baby gifts because you are on a tight budget? No problem, you will find a great range of cute ideas here!

Being short of money does not necessarily mean that your gift for the newborn must reflect that! You do not need to spend a fortune for that perfect, thoughtful and adorable gift.

adorable sock cupcakes

Find useful recommendations and tips on how to get inexpensive baby gifts in general, but also on how to find bargains. If you observe a few money saving guidelines and take advantage of discount deals it is quite easy to find a reasonably priced yet lovely gift for baby.

A low-cost and less expensive gift also fits in case you do not know the new family too well but still want to give 'just a little something'.

Handmade Cheap Baby Gift Basket

inexpensive homemade baby gift basket

You never go wrong with giving a baby gift basket, even if it is a realtively inexpensive one. A gift basket for a newborn always is a thoughtful and practical present. The new family will probably receive several baskets. But they will most likely all be filled with different goodies for baby. And in addition, cheaper basket items such as pacifiers, bibs, baby lotion, shampoo, socks, etc. are always needed in multiples and will be used up over time.
Making your own gift basket at an affordable price is easy, just see my best tips and saving recommendations here: how to make a cheap baby gift basket.

Find more cheap homemade baby gift ideas further below this page.

Tips For Frugal Moms And Frugal Buyers:
Baby Bargains

Bargain hunt for nice but cheap baby clothes, baby accessories and baby gear.
Actually these tips are not only for those of you who are looking for a cheap baby gift but also for frugal moms who are on the lookout for inexpensive baby clothing and inexpensive baby accessories and want to save a few bucks. If you buy baby and kids clothing at the right time (that is 'anti-seasonal' and during clearance sales) you can get high quality for low prices. Just bear in mind to buy the correct size. If you are lucky you can still discount that sale price with coupons. Read my full tips and expert knowledge here: how to find the best deals on cheap baby clothes, baby accessories and baby gear.

Free Baby Gift Ideas

The least expensive presents sometimes can be the most thoughtful and appreciated. Once the baby is a few months old the mother and/or the couple are probably more than ready for some free time and relaxation in peace and quiet.

And here come your coupons that cost you nothing but a little bit of your time. Give a babysitting gift certificate for the couple or for the mother only. Or, if you think babysitting will be too tough on you opt for helping around the house or the garden. See details on these and many more ideas here: free baby gift coupons.

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Simply Choose Inexpensive Baby Items

Buy cheap baby items or cheap baby toys that are affordable and nevertheless pretty.  Let me name but a few:

  • Stuffed animals: some even come with sound inside. While baby is small he will enjoy listening to that funny sound. When baby is a toddler he will love trying to produce that funny sound himself and will be delighted once he is able to do so!


  • Baby picture frames: parents can never have enough picture frames to hang up all those adorable baby pictures in their house. Later they come in handy, too when the kids start to do their first scribbles and drawings.

  • CD with baby lullabies: let that baby fall asleep in no time and mummy and daddy will be ever so grateful for that! There's a vast number of (#ad) baby lullaby CDs available - classical music (Baby Einstein series), Disney lullabies, rock renditions, instrumental lullabies, etc.

  • Photo album for baby's pictures: new parents will have tons of cute pics and snapshots. Give a slip-in album and those adorable pics are stored in a safe and quick way, ready to be looked at for years to come.

  • Small baby toys such as rattles, cuddly dolls, soft balls, Baby Einstein Bendy Ball, bathtime pals and squirting animals, teething toys, etc.  


  • Baby books (board books, soft books or cloth books): start up baby's first library! Most baby books are affordable and will last for years. Thick or soft pages are the right material for little hands and they resist chewing and tearing, too. Well, most do... There are lots of great themes around, the kids' and my favorites are the classic 'Goodnight moon', everything of 'Maisy' by Lucy Cousins and the 'Happy Baby' books by Roger Pritty. Sometimes the books come as a special edition with a cuddly toy which makes a great (and cheap) gift, too. Baby books come in such a great variety and in so many themes that you surely will find a suitable one. In case you do not have any clue about baby books just browse amazon for ages 'baby-3'. Then sort by 'bestsellers' and have a look at the customer reviews.

#ad #ad #ad

  • Tooth box: Have a look at this cute little lost teeth box. I really like this! It helps to organize baby's teeth and you'll always know which teeth have already fallen out. Unfortunately I just had a tin in which I put all the teeth the tooth fairy handed over to me :-) There's not way to figure out anymore what kind of tooth this was or which one of my children it belonged to. This gadget is slightly over 10$ but you can get a plainer version at a cheaper price. I just like this one the most!  

Homemade Baby Gifts

If you are an artsy person - and even if you aren't - go for one of my recommendations on homemade cheap baby gifts. 
Nearly all of them are easy to make and are made of inexpensive materials, yet they make a nice and personal gift with that added touch of affection.

Diaper cakes: especially the plain diaper cakes are easy to make, the materials (diapers and ribbons) are very cheap but the 'cuteness effect' is awesome! All you need to make one of these is a pack of diapers and some colorful ribbon. For instructions click the photo above.

Another great and cheap baby gift idea is to make a baby time capsule. It is very easy to make but you need some time to put it together and you also need to plan ahead. To save on the materials, instead of a ready-made time capsule container just use a (shoe) box and decorate it with some wrapping paper. You do not need to include the more expensive items, just pick the inexpensive or even free ones. On this page I have listed more than 35 ideas of what to include in a baby time capsule!

For the baby cupcakes gift pictured on top, I have used 3 pairs of baby socks (rolled), 2 washcloths (rolled), 2 felt hearts, some ribbon and a cupcake box. This beautiful baby gift was just about 10 Dollars!  

For more homemade and cheap baby gift ideas find my full list of hand made newborn baby gifts here: cute homemade baby gifts. 

Whichever one of the above cheap baby gifts you choose, rest assured that your present will be appreciated and the new parents and baby will feel special in any case!

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