Best Baby Picks 2018

Here are my best baby picks for 2018! These are my special picks for you if you have absolutely no clue what to give and what to look for when gifting a new family.

I show you my personal favorites and let you know what I bring to a baby shower or give as a newborn gift these days.

As you may already know, I'm a mom of 3 and in addition have done research on baby products for over 5 years now. I tell you what a new mom or rather a new family really enjoys or needs.  

Either use my best baby picks for gift giving, have them listed on your own baby registry or buy them for yourself!

One of my present favorite baby picks.

So cute for a baby shower! 

Best Baby Picks
Something Cute & Relaxing: Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Think of all the cute baby bath pictures you can take with this one! Even though this is not the actual purpose of the Blooming Bath flower ;-)

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

This infant bath tub in a soft and cozy flower design adjust easily to any kitchen sink, so no backaches for mom or dad! It can be used from birth to up to 6 months. The soft foam makes baby comfortable and even a newborn can safely and relaxed sit in there.  So you can be relaxed too! 

The Blooming Bath comes in 5 spring-like colors such as pink, yellow, green, turquoise and ivory. It's very easy to use, can be machine washed and thrown in your dryer.

Among others, both in 2014 and 2015 the yellow Blooming Bath was chosen as the 'What To Expect Moms Love-It Award winner' in the bathing category.  And it will for sure be a best baby pick in 2017,


Those days where bath time meant tears and crying for sure are over with the fun Blooming Bath Baby Bath!

Blooming Bath Infant Bath at amazon.

Something Posh & Expensive: A Designer Baby Outfit Or Designer Baby Gear

cute Steiff baby hat

Talking about myself there are things I really like but I'd never buy because they are too expensive or more expensive than the 'ordinary model'. Also if it is clothing, babies and toddlers outgrow them so fast. But if someone gave them as a present to me I'd be more than happy!

And with so many things to buy for a new family addition often only the 'ordinary' items and basic versions are affordable.

So how about giving some designer clothes for the little one such as by Armani, Boss, DKNY, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Moschino, Burberry, Young Versace, just to name a few. I also love the exclusive Steiff Baby & Toddler Clothing Line with the cute tiny little plush bear.    

Designer baby gear is a bit more expensive, also depending on the product or gear you choose.    

For designer gear, check out the 4Moms line.

And if you still cannot decide what to give, how about a gift card to a high-end baby store? A gift card also gives you the freedom of choosing any amount you want.

More luxury and expensive gift ideas for a new arrival.

Something Useful & Stylish: Drool Bibs & Burp Cloth

If you or the presentee has a baby like I had that was constantly drooling whether teething or not, a pack (or even better two packs!) of burp cloths will be a really helpful gift. The days where the chest and front of the little one's shirt is constantly wet will be a thing of the past! And this bandana style drool bibs set is just the right thing to prevent this from happening.

The Tiny Angel Bandana Drool Bibs come in a pack of 4 plus with an organic cotton burp cloth for mom and dad. The front of the drool bibs is made of soft, pliable 100% cotton and it is very absorbent. The thick fleece 100% polyester back, however, isn't absorbent and prevents the drool from soaking through. Unlike many others, these bibs do not have velcro (which will get soiled over time and does not stick anymore) but 2 adjustable nickel-free snaps. So it can easily be adjusted to baby's size and can be worn over a long period well into and beyond toddlerhood. The designs are colorful and stylish yet simple and the bibs are suited for girls and boys. So this set also makes a great unisex baby gift. 

My favorite design for sure are the cute white elephants on red ground! The front of the contoured burp cloth for mum and dad is made of 100% organic cotton (back 100% polyester) and it's shaped so you can perfectly place it over your shoulder.  

For more information and lots of 5-star amazon reviews click the photo.

More Best Baby Picks 2018

Something Classic, Vintage & Fun: Wooden Blocks

Vintage Wooden Blocks

Look at our beautiful wooden blocks! We have been using these for over 12 years now. I just love those colorful handmade blocks, the carved letters with the fancy scroll borders, the ink drawings and that vintage design. And the best: My kids like to play with them for hours!

The Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks really make a great gift for baby's birth. It is true, a newborn is not able to really play with these yet but one can use the blocks to make great memories with while baby is still small. These colorful blocks look so cute on a newborn photo and you can 'write' things like baby's name, baby's monogram and 'welcome' with the blocks. Since the blocks are no small objects and printed with non toxic, lead-free child safe inks, baby cannot be harmed by them, even though the edges may be a bit sharp in the beginning.  

Once baby is a toddler he or she can use the blocks to stack them and knock them down, to build towers as high as they get (my kids are entertained for endless hours with both games) and they also help kindergarten kids to become familiar with numbers and letters. So this is a gift that will be around for a while.

What I also really appreciate about the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks is that they are handmade in the USA! They come in different packages. Whether you choose the ones in a cardboard box, the ones in a canvas bag or the ones with the pull wagon (= extra fun!) is up to you.

Something Funny, Personalized Or Inspirational: Zazzle

You name it - Zazzle has got it! Browse Zazzle for great newborn gift ideas and the best baby picks! Starting from cute baby onesies with a funny saying or a Disney print to personalized pacifiers, baby blankets or diaper covers, you'll get everything there. Zazzle offer many customizable items so how about a baby pillow with baby's birth details or an inspirational newborn quote on canvas for the little one's nursery? My personal favorite is a pink or blue onesie or romper with 'Cutest baby 2018'  or 'Best Baby Gift 2018' printed on!

Zazzle is available worldwide, check it out here:

Know a best baby pick that absolutely needs to go on this list? Let me know so I can spread the news to all those new moms out there and to people searching for the 2017 top baby gifts! Thanks.

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