John Deere Baby Toys And Baby Gifts

a green john deere tractor with an older man behind the wheel having a little baby boy (his grandson) on his lapenjoying a tractor ride with grandpa

John Deere baby toys and baby clothing are an awesome gift idea if the new arrival is a farmer's baby or also if the new parents are farmyard life and tractor lovers!

Farm life, all the animals living there and the engines used there are also a popular nursery theme stimulating baby's senses.  

So, who doesn't know the typically green and yellow John Deere tractors and harvesters? The company was founded in 1837 by John Deere, who developed and manufactured the first commercially successful cast-steel plow.  Today, it is the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world. The company's slogan is "Nothing runs like a Deere" and has a picture of a deer as a logo, a pun on "nothing runs like a deer."

The famous logo is also found on John Deere baby toys and infant clothing and most of them are designed and styled in green, yellow and brown. Their baby girls' line , mostly has pink, green and brown colors.

John Deere - the dream of any young (and old...) boy ;-)  

John Deere Baby Toys

John Deere offer cute girl and boy toys for the very young already. Most of them feature the unique John Deere design.

For the 'little infant farmers' there are John Deere teethers, John Deere pacifiers and John Deere rattles by Learning Curve. And Oball offer various sets 'Go grippers' with push vehicles for ages 12 months plus. Check these out and the Oball barnhouse which is available on amazon, too. They are adorable and look very cute!


John Deere Toys For Toddlers

John Deere also have great toys for toddlers, for example a talking toolbelt set  (2 years and up),  a John Deere animal sounds hay ride (18 months and older), a John Deere sandbox toys set consisting of a dump truck and a tractor (18 months and up) as well as awesome John Deere ride-ons such as the Sit'n Scoot Tractor (also see further down this page). 


John Deere Baby Clothing

John Deere feature officially licensed infant, baby and toddler clothes, too.  They have very cute logo or funny slogan T-shirts, onesies, bibs, hats, and more. For little boys in green and yellow - but also in other colors, for little girls in pink with green. The onesies are available with long sleeves and with short sleeves so babies and kids  can dress in John Deere style all year round!


John Deere Baby Books

The John Deere books for babies and toddlers are great fun and are 'based on real machines'. As soon as baby can sit up on your lap he/she will enjoy the John Deere board books, of which some come with flaps. Many John Deere books feature 'JT - Johnny Tractor' and toddlers will love to join him on one of his many adventures!



More farmyard gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

John Deere Cuddle Blanket And Hooded Towels

John Deere offer lots more merchandising items for boys and girls, too. Cute  gift ideas are the cuddle blanket featuring a cow or a hooded towel which is available in green but also in pink (with a pig head) or with a duck head in yellow, too. 


John Deere Diaper Cake

Why not be a little creative and make a John Deere diaper cake for that new baby boy? Diapers are always needed and a diaper cake John Deere style will be an awesome eye catcher. You do not even have to have experience in making diaper cakes, since my step-by-step diaper cake tutorial is really easy to understand and to make.

Use green and yellow for your basic diaper cake decoration such as the ribbons and bows. You can also include green and yellow feeding spoons. Accessories to add could be some of the John Deere baby toys, John Deere baby clothing, John Deere teethers, John Deere baby books and John Deere blankets introduced on this page. Put a toy tractor model, a John Deere sipping cup or a cuddly John Deere tractor pillow on top. Of course you can also make a John Deere diaper cake for a baby girl - just go with more pink accessories and the John Deere baby girl merchandise.

Another cute diaper gift idea is a diaper tractor with John Deere merchandise. For instructions google 'diaper tractor' and use green ribbons and accessories.

No matter whether for a baby girl or a baby boy- a John Deere diaper cake will be such a hit at any baby shower! 

John Deere diaper tractor

John Deere Baby Gift Basket

Take a green storage basket and load it up with lots of John Deere baby goodies featured on this page (sipping cup, blanket, baby book(s), pacifiers, onesies, etc.). Not all stuff needs to be John Deere baby merchandise, other farmyard themed baby items and cuddly farmyard baby pals will look super cute in your basket as well!   

John Deere Ride On Toys

You can give a John Deere ride-on as baby's birth gift already but also for baby's baptism or for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday. No matter when, a #ad John Deere ride on will make a great gift and John Deere baby toy!

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