Harley Davidson Baby Gift Ideas

- not just for boys!

A Harley Davidson baby gift is the perfect gift for every Harley, motorcycle and chopper lover! Like father, like son. But Harley Davidson do not only have boy gear but also offer very cute baby girl merchandise in black and pink.

such a cool motorcycle...
vintage Harley gas station

115 year anniversary

Founded in 1903 by William Harley and Arthur Davidson and based in Milwaukee, WI the Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a famous manufacturer of motorcycles. They are an American icon representing freedom and independence and have friends and fans all over the world.

So here are the best finds: let's see what Harley-Davidson have to offer for babies and all these little bikers in training.

cool gear for a biker baby!

Discover The Best Harley Davidson Baby Gifts

Harley Davidson Baby Clothes

If mom and dad are Harley lovers, they will absolutely love it if baby is dressed up in Harley Davidson baby clothes!
You can give just an accessory for baby such as Harley Davidson baby booties or a Harley Davidson baby cap but you can also give a complete matching outfit. Cute Harley Davidson baby gift sets and gift baskets are available, too.

cute Harley baby boy outfit

Harley Davidson baby clothes for boys:
Since Harley Davidson baby clothes are very popular, they come in lots of cool designs. Most of the clothing is made of 100 % cotton feeling good on baby's delicate skin. The predominant Harley boy colors are black, grey, dark blue and orange. Their baby clothing range comprises baby boy onesies, baby boy rompers, baby boy coveralls, baby boy T-shirts, baby boy creepers, a baby boy denim set (shirt and denims), baby boy short sets, etc. Some of the Harley Davidson baby clothes have cool slogans printed on such as 'My Dad rides a Harley' or 'Faster is better'.

Harley Davidson baby clothes for girls:
Not only baby boys can brag in their Harley Davidson baby clothing but there are also many cute baby girl outfits, mostly in pink, grey and black colors. These are just a few examples: Harley Davidson girls infant socks, Harley Davidson reversible buckle hat in pink, Harley Davidson bodysuit in pink and white / bodysuit twin pack in pink and black, Harley Davidson twin pack romper set in grey and pink. There's also a baby girl 5 pc. gift set that is adorable for any little Harley princess.   

Harley Davidson Baby Bedding, Blankets, Bibs and Towels

Harley Davidson not only offer cute baby clothing but also other baby merchandise such as Harley Davidson crib bedding and fleece receiving blankets.
Also available are Harley Davidson bib twin sets and towels.

Harley Davidson inspired baby blankets.

Harley Davidson Toys

Another great Harley Davidson gift idea are their baby toys. They feature cute Harley Davidson plush toys (bears, dogs, hogs and more) and Harley Davidson developmental toys.

The Harley Davidson Starry Night Protector is not exactly a toy but something adorable to look at. It projects night sky and constellations and helps to soothe babies and toddlers.

Harley Davidson Riding Toys

Check out the Merske Harley Style Chopper Motorcycle, for 2-5 year old toddlers and kids.

The Fisher Price Power Wheels Lil Harley is really cute, too. It's recommended for 2 years up.

An alternative - even though not with the Harley design might be the Labebe Child Rocking Horse Toy for 1-3 year olds. 

Even though these riding toys are recommended for 1 or 2 years up, they for sure make a great baby gift for baby's birth or baby's baptism. First, baby might be able to ride on it with your help and supervision earlier already and a real Harley Davidson lover will not mind having such a cool thing as a decoration at his home or baby's nursery!

Harley Activity Table

Another great find is the Harley Davidson 2 in 1 activity table by KidKraft. It comes with Lego compatible blocks and a little train set and has a convenient storage under the play board. Also the play board is double  sided for more variety. This seems really cool for any toddler boy and girl of course, too! The photo given by amazon is misleading, click it and you'll see the real one!

Harley Davidson Baby Books

These two books are really cute for a Harley Davidson baby, they are officially licensed.  The 'Lil Biker Baby' is an interactive book featuring a teether key, crinkle and real motorcycle sounds while the bath book consists of a book and three two sided squirting toys for fun in and outside the bathtub and pool.  

Both items are currently not available at amazon but have a try and google for another seller!

More Harley Davidson Baby Gift Ideas

Harley Davidson Diaper Cake

A homemade Harley diaper cake also makes a great Harley Davidson baby gift - and a real eyecatcher! For a 3-tier diaper cake with Harley Davidson baby accessories you do not need to have any experience, it is really easy to make. Just follow my diaper cake instructions and use orange and brown ribbons and bows for your basic cake decoration. Possible accessories are for example a Harley Davidson onesie, a Harley baby blanket, a Harley bib, etc. Amazon also carries biker rubber ducks which would go well with the theme, too. On top, either place a Harley Davidson teddy bear or a Harley Davidson cuddly toy. Or you could even use a Harley diecast model for your cake's centerpiece.  

Another cute Harley Davidson diaper cake idea is to make a Harley Davidson diaper bike and to decorate it with Harley baby merchandise. Here I have included a Harley Davidson onesie and have chosen all other 'ingredients' in orange and brownish colors. You can make this diaper bike with or without a driver. A Harley Davidson teddy bear makes a cute driver, too even though here I have used a cuddly tiger in light brown with a Harley bandana around its neck ;-)     

Harley Davidson motorcycle diaper cake with cuddly tiger toy

Other Harley Davidson Baby Gift Merchandise

Last but not least, Harley Davidson also carry practical baby gifts such as a Harley toy storage caddy, a Harley Davidson piggy bank and a Harley Davidson children's growth chart.

And how about a Harley Davidson diaper bag ? This is a great gift for a new dad! Alternatively get a sturdy Harley Davidson backpack for daddy so he can use it every day - with or without the baby! But of course mummy can also have a Harley Davidson diaper bag, there is a feminine messenger bag in pink available, too.

Harley Davidson is a true legend making legendary baby gifts!

You see, Harley Davidson baby gifts come in a great variety and you'll surely find the perfect Harley gift for baby!

One last advise, when buying Harley Davidson baby gift merchandise online make sure to choose the right and accredited dealer to get authentic and officially licensed Harley baby merchandise and not just a shabby imitation. 

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