Your Guide To Organic Baby Clothes

With buying organic baby clothes you can be certain and at ease to have healthy, safe, eco friendly, non-toxic and nonhazardous baby clothing. And that's what baby clothes and actually all clothing for the complete family and for everybody should be.

an orange baby t-shirt with text "don't panic, it's organic"Don't panic, it's organic!

As this cute baby tee says in a funny way: 'Don't panic, it's organic'!

Recently, organic clothing in general - and not just for babies - has got a boost. That's good news! And good news also is that organic clothing does not anymore have that dull and boring 'special organic look' it used to have. Meanwhile, it's cute, sometimes colorful and en vogue, too. So, except for its outstanding safety and for a slightly higher price, - and sometimes not even that - it visually hardly differs from any other clothing anymore.

Babies are very sensitive and may react to toxic agents when these come in contact with their delicate skin. Allergic reactions, eczema and other risky side effects may be the result. By using organic cotton clothes this can be eliminated. They are gentler on the skin and healthier for baby.

Facts About The Human Skin

friendly baby girl smiling into the camerahappy baby girl

Did you know that the skin is our biggest organ? It contributes substantially to our metabolism and to body respiration. Our skin is sensitive to warmth and cold, to humidity and dryness and to touches. Not only the application of cosmetics can affect the function of the skin and with it our well-being, our choice of clothes also has a huge impact on it.

Pure and natural materials, such as pure cotton, linen, ramie, silk, hemp, bamboo or soy or mixtures of these, allow our skin to breathe and make the temperature and humidity balance easier.

Companies manufacturing organic cotton baby clothes typically buy their clothing materials from so-called organic growers. This means that the cotton used in the baby clothing hasn't been treated with pesticides, and the wool did not come in contact with any chemical solutions. Pure and natural are the two main goals of organic producers and growers, also leaving less contamination and pollution in the soils.

pure and natural

stem of a cotton flower, orange backgroundorganic cotton flower

Organically grown cotton makes soft and comfortable clothing for everybody all around the world.  (Organic) cotton is used for almost every type of clothing:
- underwear
- socks
- T-shirts
- sweaters
- jeans
- dresses
- jackets
- sleepwear
- sportswear
and more, and for all age groups.

Quality Seals

When buying natural baby clothes and organic clothing in general, watch out for quality seals such as GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard: According to the International Association of Natural Textile Industry, this is the minimum standard that distinguishes eco-friendly, conscious textiles. It is an internationally and worldwide established quality seal that sets benchmarks for environmental issues and socially accountable production from harvest to manufacturing to labeling. Companies must apply for certification including on-site inspection. 

Read more about GOTS here: Global Organic Textile Standard.

photo of a GOTS label that's attached to a baby bib that has a ladybird designGOTS certified baby bib

Even the label is made of paper made of 100% recycling material. That's what I call sustainable.

Similar certifications are the Organic Content Standard (OCS), the Fair Trade label / certification and also the USDA Certified Organic certification. 



Properties to Look For In Healthy Baby Clothes

  • hypoallergenic
  • lead and nickel free snaps
  • no harmful dyes
  • certified 
  • no fire retardants
  • no toxic chemicals
  • preferably no metallic or non-recyclable materials


Organic and sustainable somehow go hand in hand. So whenever possible try to look out for sustainability in your baby clothing, too. Unfortunately babies outgrow their clothes literally in no time. Studies have shown that if you are able to extend clothing life by just nine months this equals a carbon and water reduction of 20-30 % each. Therefore try to buy not only organic but also "clever" clothing. There's several companies that have invented very clever and sustainable ideas. For example check out Petit Pli and their gender neutral growing clothing, founded in 2017. Their range is not only for babies but for children and even adults, too. Beya Made also offer expandable clothing made of durable and neutral materials so they fit 3 times longer and you need less clothes over the months and years. Also check out Snug Bub and their expandable, stain-proof rompers. 

There's also bodysuit extenders so you can make your onesies grow and last longer. "Snap and extend" really is a clever and inexpensive idea, however, you need to make sure that the extender is compatible with your bodysuit brand.

Another possibility to be more eco-friendly is using pre owned and buying second hand baby clothes. Since babies outgrow their clothes so quickly you can often find either brand-new or just like new items.   

Where To Shop For Organic Baby Clothes

In case you have difficulties finding sustainable and organic infant clothes locally, do an online search and you will find a wealth of organic baby clothes. While a few years ago natural baby wear was hard to shop, nowadays retailers have discovered the need to offer conscious as well as sustainable clothing not only for baby but for the whole family.

The net has sustainable and certified organic baby clothing in all varieties. For your convenience find reliable retailers that sell great quality in store and / or online here: your directory for organic infant clothes



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