Gift Idea: Funny Baby Onesie 

being beautiful is exhausting!

Let's have a good laugh with a funny baby onesie! This little girl here just found out that 'being beautiful is exhausting'. And that's exactly what she looks like - lol!

Baby onesies and bodysuits with a funny slogan and a funny image going with it are a great gift idea not only for a baby and parents but also vice versa from the baby and parents.  The whole family and the relatives will be happy to see baby in a onesie or shirt with a printed message referring to them: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby's sister, baby's brother, aunt, uncle, godmother, godfather, cousin, etc.

But a slogan onesie also is a great 'treat for yourself'. So buy it for your own baby and have fun with it. And a photo of baby wearing a slogan onesie always is a great keepsake.

Slogan and funny baby onesies also are a nice gift for 'older' babies and toddlers. Like a 'I am 1' onesie for baby's first birthday and they also make a cute Christmas and Easter gift! 

Find lots of cute and funny slogans here and tips where to buy / order your custom baby onesie online. 



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Funny Twin and Triplet  Onesies


Really hilarious and unique are the onesies from Funny Tots and Sik World. And they have such a great range!


Cute Funny Baby Onesie Ideas Especially For Mommy:

- I love my mom

- I have the best mummy

- my mummy rocks

- I got my good looks from mommy

- mom + dad = me

- my mummy's a hottie

- my mum looks hotter than yours

- my fingers may be small but I still wrap mommy around them

- mothers of little boys work from son up 'til son down

- mommy's personal alarm clock

- I have the coolest mom. She stays up with me all night!  



For Mommy & Daddy Together ;-)

a mom and dad production:



Funny Baby Onesies Especially For Daddy:

- I love my dad

- I have the best daddy

- my dad rocks

- my dad's car is faster than yours

- mom + dad = me

- cute like daddy

- pacifier: 6,95$, crib: 300$, daddy's expression when changing diapers: priceless!

- my fingers may be small but I still wrap daddy around them

- in 16 years, I'll crash your SUV in our garage

- daddy's little caddy

- my daddy is a daddier daddy than your daddy...

- my dad's tattoes are better than yours!

- don't look at me, that smell is coming from Daddy

- I found my prince. His name is Daddy.

- no shirt, no shoes. I'm probably with Dad...

- who needs a superhero when you ave a daddy!

- daddy's drinking buddy

- me + mommy = one broke daddy




Funny Slogan Onesies For Your Relatives:

- I am a little sister

- I love my big sister 


- I love my big brother

- I am a little brother 


- I love my cousin

- my cousin rocks


- take me to grandma's

- spoilt by grandma

- what happend at grandma's stays at grandma's

- my fingers may be small but I still wrap grandma (grandpa, my aunt...) around them 

- I'm so cute grandma retired to spend all day with me

- what part of take me to grandma's don't you understand?


- if you think I'm good looking you should see my aunt

- I will only be speaking to my gorgeous aunt today

- 9 out of 10 kids get their awesomeness from their aunt

- I'd rather be with my aunt

- I'm smart and adorable (I take after my aunt / uncle).

- if you think I'm hot you should see my aunt / uncle

- when I grow up I want to be as cool as my aunt / uncle

- my cute uncle is single - want to be my auntie?

- my uncle is hot - and single! 


More Funny Slogan Ideas For Your Custom Onesie:

- proud to be Canadian (or any other nationality)

- I'm what happened in Miami (or any other place / country)

- the dog did it (the cat did it)

- future firefighter

- future police officer

- future top model

- chicks dig me

- my crib or your crib?

- I only cry when ugly people hold me

- here comes trouble

- I tried being good but it just didn't work out

- world's most adorable baby

- iPood

- will cry for food

- I may be small - but I'm the boss

- spit happens

- I still live with my parents

- BYOB - bring your own bottle - my place 3:00am

- I am a little prince

- I am a little princess

- Baby GAGA

- little monster

- being beautiful is exhausting

- new kid in the house

- cute runs in the family

- facebook status message: I was up all night

- diaper changes are like a box of chocolates... you never know what you gonna get!

- lock up your daughters

- live.laugh.poop

- they tell me my early morning drinking habit is causing a few problems...

- Santa Clause doesn't exist. But I can't read so it's okay.

- I drink until I pass out

- I'm not crying, I'm ordering dinner

- eat. play. sleep. repeat.

- I'm too sexy for my onesie.

- I'm not allowed to date. Ever!

- instructions not included!

- birth: nailed it!

- Diaper loading. Please wait.

- Storm Pooper.

- LMDO. Laughing my diapers off!

- chillin' in my crib

- unemployed and living with my parents

- while you were reading this I pooped my pants

- I am the new man in the house!

- naturally sweet - no sugar added

- my parents are exhausted

- who's the boss?

- oops, they did it again...

- nothing is wrong, just teething you

- chick magnet

- sorry boys, I only date rockstars 

- are these people really my relatives?

-AB/CD - for those about to talk

- baby talk insults my intelligence

- I'm kind of a big deal

- yes, I am bilingual. I can cry in English & Spanish (or any other language).

- Prince / Princess of Wails   

- kisses 25 C. Saving for my College fund

- chubby, bold and unemployed

- by reading this message you agree to change one diaper

- sleep sold separately!

- current family favorite!

- I'm the reason we're late



View more funny baby onesies here.



I am a little price onesie



Make a custom funny baby onesie yourself:

Personalizing a baby onesie with a funny slogan is not too hard. However, observe two things:

1. as it is for baby the fabric paint should be eco-friendly, non-toxic and absolutely safe.

2. again as it is for baby, the onesie needs to be washed often and the paint must be durable!

Apart from the paint all you need is a onesie in a light or pastel color such as white, rose, blue, yellow, green and a little bit of imagination respectively the right slogan. Just choose one of the ones listed above and you'll have a unique funny baby onesie, also meaning a unique baby gift! 




Matching Family Clothing:

Matching tees and onesies for big sisters and big brothers are another great gift idea - let the whole family make a statement!
Why not dress all siblings with matching tees and onesies? Big bro and big sis will be ever so proud!
Great for your first visit at the hospital to see the new baby.
These are also the perfect outfit for a family photo session!



More funny baby clothing:

Of course, there are not only funny baby onesies around but also other funny baby clothing, such as: funny slogan tees, funny slogan bibs, funny slogan hats and even baby socks with a funny slogan.  And they all make very cute gifts.

Browse more funny baby clothing!



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