Beautiful Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

homemade Minnie Mouse baby shower diaper cake


Homemade baby shower gifts always are very special and personal and often a great keepsake to be treasured for a whole lifetime.

Something homemade just is more 'valuable' than a ready made and 'just bought' gift. There are baby craft projects for all levels and even beginners will be able to do most of these easy crafts. But if you still feel you cannot do it or if you do not have the time, you can always buy a homemade baby gift on platforms such as Etsy ( or homemade diaper cakes for example at the great shops featured in my diaper cake gallery.

But before you go out and buy a ready-made handmade gift, first check my instructions and see whether it is really impossible to do for you...!?





Best Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Diaper Cake / Diaper Bouquet / Diaper Animals:

cute homemade baby shower gift

Diapers are always needed and if they are 'decorated' as nicely as in a diaper cake, a diaper animal or diaper bouquet, they sure make a great baby shower gift! Find everything you need to know on diaper cakes, diaper bouquets and diaper animals as well as tips, tricks and directions here.




Baby Time Capsule:

If you are close to the new mum like a sister, best friend or sister in law, a baby time capsule makes a very individual and personal baby shower gift. This is an easy gift but it needs some preparation and you must plan ahead. Here you find all you need to know about baby time capsules, over 35 ideas on what to include in a baby time capsule gift and how to make your time capsule.


Introducing Amazon Handmade

Belly Cast:

beautiful belly cast

A belly cast kit also is a gift to be given by the BFF, sister or sister in law. You can give the kit together with a coupon to help do the belly cast, since a second person is always needed to do this.

You can also offer to decorate and handpaint the belly cast with acrylic paint afterwards. A baby belly cast is a great keepsake item for baby's nursery and an awesome homemade baby shower gift!

You can get baby belly cast kits as well as belly cast decorating kits. Even though, in regards to the decorating kits you can always just buy acrylic paint and some brushes. You can as well decorate the cast with sparkling rhinestones little feathers, plastic flowers, etc.

A baby belly plaster cast is such a great keepsake gift!

Belly Casting Kits.


Tips for making a belly cast:

- always follow the instructions on the belly cast kit!
- apply lots of body lotion to the area where the cast is done.
- the cast needs to dry for at least 2 hours before you can paint it.
- the best time to do the belly cast is during week 30 and 35 of the pregnancy.
- the mom to be can sit while the upper cast is done but for the lower cast she must stand up - no lying position!
- you can leave the cast just white but even then it should get a clear coating as otherwise the cast might absorb moisture.
- it's best to do the cast in the bathroom directly and to use a canvas cover since it might become very messy.

More Homemade Baby Shower Gifts:

Homemade Cherry Pit Pillow:

A homemade heating pad for baby is quite easy to make if you have a sewing machine and know how to use it. Alternatively to cherry pits you can also use spelt or buckwheat to fill the pillow. For instructions search google for 'homemade heating pad'. 

Homemade Baby Gift Basket:

personalized boy baby gift basket

A baby gift basket or mum & baby gift basket really is an easy project to make! You buy most of the ingredients and then just arrange them nicely in a basket and do a bit of decoration.

If you want to, center your basket around a theme such as mum & baby gift basket, princess baby gift basket, (baby) food gift basket, baby books gift basket, luxury baby gift basket, etc. How to make a (theme) baby gift basket. 



More great homemade baby shower gifts are baby blankets, a baby room plate, nursery wall letters and many more.

See these and more ideas and directions here: homemade baby gifts.


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