Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Get some cute baby shower decoration ideas here and some awesome inspiration and have a baby party to remember!

Most of the ideas presented are homemade and made of diapers plus some baby accessories. These are complemented by some general tips as well as by quick and easy decoration sets to buy. Make everything yourself, buy the accessories ready-made or combine both, just as it fits your time and budget. 

No party for that little new arrival without some beautiful decorative highlights! If the shower has a theme, it is very cute to go with that theme and choose a matching room decor. But even if only the colors are in line, this will create a great and cozy atmosphere at any welcome party for a new baby.  

Popular Baby Shower
Themes For Girls

  • (Disney) princess
  • hearts
  • butterflies
  • ladybirds
  • flowers
  • fairies
  • mermaids

Popular Baby Shower
Themes For Boys

  • pirates
  • robots
  • Wild West
  • (Disney) cars
  • trains
  • jungle animals
  • airplanes

Neutral Theme Ideas

  • owls
  • bumble bees: 'What's it gonna bee?'
  • circus
  • ducks
  • just neutral colors (yellow, pale green, orange, pale brown)
  • sun
  • the very hungry caterpillar

It's a boy garland and blue balloons hanging from the ceilinglittle boy baby shower garland and balloons

Homemade Party And Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Mini Diaper Cakes

baby boy table decoration
baby girl diaper flower bouquet

For boys: 

These are 4 rolled diapers (one around the other) with a decorative ribbon tied around the bundle. Stick some cotton ear swaps on top and at your will, decorate with some baby motif cut-outs. Finished! 

For girls: 

This one is also made of 4 diapers rolled around each other. Choose a girly ribbon to tie around. Stick two (or more) plastic baby spoons in the middle and tie or glue some artificial flowers to the spoon ends. Simple and beautiful!  

More baby party decoration ideas made of diapers

This diaper bundle with a bug rattle is the perfect centerpiece and gift for a boy shower. Just roll 15 diapers, bundle them with a burp cloth and attach a little toy or decoration.

boy diaper bundle

"Guess whooooo's almost due?" baby shower decoration: a diaper owl! Click the photo for my easy step-by-step tutorial.  

Wedding style diaper cake: Cute for decorating a baby shower, a bridal shower or a wedding. For details and a tutorial click the photo.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas On A Budget

This cute napkin flower is just a few pence. You can add a chenille stem and a pompom (both from the Dollar Store), then put just one or several of these in a vase.

Learn how to make paper flowers here.

Real flowers in a diaper vase are an eye-catcher for the table, too. Take an ordinary glas jar filled with just a bit of water. Place some rolled diapers around the jar and fix with a pink or blue ribbon. Place some flowers of your choice in the jar. If you like, choose flowers in pink like roses, carnations, gerberas, lilies or blue (iris, lobelias, forget-me-nots).   

real flowers in a diaper vase

Baby Blocks: This is one of the easiest baby shower decoration ideas and it is inexpensive, yet very effective and cute! All you need is 4 big, preferably square, empty carton boxes (for example diaper boxes), brown packing paper (alternatively pink or blue wrapping paper) and the letters 'B A B Y' (wooden letters, cut out cardboard letters, etc.)  You can also create baby's name but need to adjust the number of boxes accordingly. More than 6 letters / boxes might not be practicable.

Make it as plain as shown in the photo or as colorful as you want!

Free printable alphabet letters for your boxes here.



Homemade Diaper Snails

plain girl diaper snail
large baby boy diaper cake

A plain diaper snail is a really cute idea for a baby shower and it makes a great centerpiece. You can craft your snail in pink for a girl's baby shower, in blue for a boy's baby shower or in orange/yellow in case the sex of the baby is not known yet.

On the left you see a more elaborate boy diaper snail cake.

Get diaper snail instructions.

Homemade Miniature Diaper Babies

colorful diaper dollies

Make some diaper babies and spread them on your baby shower table(s). You can just use single ones and place them on a diaper so it looks as if the baby was in its cot. 

sleeping pampers baby

Other ideas:

  • use a couple or more and place them in a flat decorated shoe box or in the lid
  • place some babies on a cake board round and fold the top and bottom up so to make it look like a baby bed
  • take a burp cloth and make a sleeping bag for one or more diaper babies
a blue diaper baby rolled in a burp cloth, decoration says "with love" and "baby"little baby boy gift or baby shower decoration

You can also put 2 or 4 babies back to back and fix them with a ribbon so they can stand on the table. And if you add some string you can hang them up and have them dangle from the ceiling.

If the party has a special theme, select the socks and washcloths accordingly or simply choose pastel baby colors to go in line with the rest of the decor.  

You see, there are many ways on how to nicely decorate your party with the help of these cute mini diaper babies.

Diaper baby instructions.

Even more diaper cake ideas.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas: Ready-Made Baby Shower Supplies


Baby shower party balloons are available in a number of varieties. Just pink or blue, with polka dots, stars, baby hands, baby feet, pacifiers, 'baby', 'It's a girl', 'It's a boy', 'Welcome baby', etc. Balloons look the best when you use a hole bunch of them together. Depending on the baby shower theme you can also get balloons matching that theme. 

Additionally, you can use balloons in the shape of a baby, buggy, baby bottle, etc. 

#ad Baby shower party balloons.

Banners / Garlands

A banner or a garland are a very effective baby shower decoration, too. They can make a real statement! Get a banner saying: 'Welcome baby', 'It's a boy', 'It's a girl', etc.

More Ideas

- Pom Poms

- Table Confetti

- Cupcake Picks

- Accordion Lanters

- Honeycomb Balls

honeycomb balls in pink and blue

beautiful baby party accessories: honey comb balls are inexpensive, easy to hang, colorful and available in many different colors, ... and simply pretty ;-)


More cute and creative baby shower decorations.

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