Ta-Dah: Your Designer Diaper Bag

So why not?! Getting a designer diaper bag will pay off in the end. You may think '...well, a diaper bag is a diaper bag...' but that's not necessarily true. Read on and find out why!

Features of the ideal diaper bag

If you have a baby, a diaper bag becomes an essential part of everyday life. It offers storage space for all the basic items for baby and meanwhile is an important accessory. A good diaper bag has many pouches and compartments inside. There should be plenty of room for diapers, changing clothes, food and snacks, a baby bottle, a pacifier, maybe toys, etc. It is also practical if you can carry the bag over your shoulder or on your back as well as with handles.

And, there should be also enough space for mom's personal things, so she does not need to carry an additional purse.

The ideal diaper bag should also include a portable changing pad as well as a wipe holder. Thus, baby's diapers can be changed comfortably and hygienic whenever the family is on the go or on a longer trip. Also very helpful is an insulated bottle holder to keep baby's bottle cool or warm for a longer period.

Why a designer diaper bag?

Without doubt, designer and luxury diaper bags are very popular. There's hardly a glossy magazine where the Kims, Meghans, Jessicas, Heidis and Jolies of this world are not in the limelight. And they are more and more frequently pictured with their babies in their arms wearing chic accessories like a diaper bag by a famous designer. The celebrities' diaper bags feature stylish designs, either plain, with polka dots, leopard spots or bright stripes and they are always THE eye-catcher on the go.

Designer diaper bags often have unusual shapes, colors and designs - apart from a big logo patch - wink, wink. They are the it-piece when mom and baby are on a shopping spree or meet with friends. Those who can afford it, buy several diaper bags to go with their various outfits. Designer baby diaper bags are often made by well-known baby stroller manufacturers (such as Bugaboo and Quinny) or by higher priced baby labels. But some notable fashion designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and even Coach also have awesome diaper bags in their product range.

In fact, designer baby diaper bags offer everything a standard diaper bag does: many interior compartments and pouches, especially for baby bottles and other much needed utensils, a matching changing pad, a box for wipes and stroller straps to fix the diaper bag to a stroller.

Besides their chic and stylish appearance, luxury diaper bag versions often offer other qualities and nice gimmicks. For example, for the modern working mum a laptop-inlay and an extra compartment for important documents.

Your diaper bag will accompany you for about 2-3 years per baby. So don't you deserve a little bit of luxury during that time? And if you plan on having more than one baby, doesn't that apply all the more?

Additionally, once your babies have outgrown the bag, it easily transforms into a beautiful, stylish and large shopping bag to last for many more years.
Nobody will ever suspect that this wonderful designer bag once carried dirty diapers and pacifiers around! Thus, the decision to go for a designer diaper bag can actually be an investment for more than a decade.

Celebrity designer diaper bags

Let's have a look what kind of diaper bags celebrities like(d) to show off with while having a baby or toddler. Some of these have been discontinued or are not available anymore, but the designers usually  have newer models or designs: 

This is the Charlie II Tote Diaper Bag by Timi and Leslie in light brown - as actress Jessica Alba used to have. It is made of faux leather and also available in black and grey. Actually it still is available but Timi & Leslie also feature more popular designer models . For more details, please click the image.

Celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit  used to favor diaper bags by Storksak. While Angelina was into Storksak's model Gigi in chocolate brown (meanwhile discontinued by manufacturer), Brad used to have the Storksak unisex diaper bag Jamie in black. And we especially like the Storksak Olivia bag! 

American actress and former model Gretchen Mol also prefers a Storksak diaper bag. She has chosen the trendy Emily diaper bag in black to accompany her when on the go with her baby daughter Winter. The model shown here is the Storksak Olivia diaper bag which is also a favorite.

Mia Bossi diaper bags are popular with many celebrities. Pictured below is the model Alisa that Britney Spears has been seen with  (shown below). Other Mia Bossi diaper bags

other celeb fans include Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Madonna, Natasha Henstridge, Milla Jovovich and more.

Why a designer diaper bag makes a great gift

In most cases, a baby diaper bag by a designer will be a bit (or way) too expensive for the new parents. They have to get so many things for the new baby that their budget will probably not be high enough for a pricy diaper bag - but that fact makes a designer or a luxury diaper bag a cherished baby gift that will leave a lasting impression!

Designer diaper bag favorites:

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