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Baby Food Gift Baskets

Ready-made baby food gift baskets are hard to find! And that's not surprising, since baby food gifts are a little bit 'delicate' (in every sense...!). Nevertheless, if you want to give a food gift basket for baby, let me share with you my thoughts and ideas on homemade food gift baskets for newborn babies - and you'll see, you'll come up with a great baby food gift in no time! First see my basics on baby gift baskets and then return here.

baby girl wearing a dirty bib, eating some broth on her own and spilling a lotbibs are always very useful! ;-)

Starting With Your Food Gift Basket:

Think about and answer the following questions, to arrange a useful gift: 

- age of baby, what can baby already eat and drink? 
- is baby exclusively breastfed or does baby drink formula?
- does mummy make the baby food all by herself?
- does mummy prefer organic baby food?
- do mummy or baby like a special baby food brand or a special flavor?

You see, that means you need to know the recipient rather well to make your gift a success!

So start by gather the necessary supplies, including a basket or a decorative container. Additionally filler material will be needed like shredded paper or cloth.

Select Your Baby Food Items

Choose various baby food items suitable for the baby's age and dietary needs. You can include:

  • Pureed fruits and vegetables: Best opt for organic or all-natural options without additives or preservatives.
  • Baby cereals or grains: Rice cereal, oatmeal or mixed grains are always good choices.
  • Snacks: Consider teething biscuits, puffs, or yogurt melts.
  • Reusable food pouches: These allow the parents to fill them with homemade baby food.
  • Try to include a mix of flavors and textures for variety.

What To Also Include In Your Basket: Practical Items

Here is a list of practical items to include because a unique food gift basket for a baby should not only contain baby food and formula / drinks but also useful items related with eating and drinking, such as for example:

  • baby bibs / also single-use, disposable ones - even though reusable ones are more eco-friendly
  • baby feeding spoons / baby's 1st cutlery set
  • sippy cup / infant cup
  • reusable baby food containers
  • mealtime set / baby plate and baby bowl
  • baby bottle(s)
  • little cooler bag
  • formula dispenser
  • formula mixer
  • bottle drying rack
  • bottle warmer
  • bottle brush
  • baby food recipe book
  • Kleenex wipes
  • nursing cover
  • reusable food pouches
  • Bumbo baby seat

Everything you need for the perfect baby food gift basket is available online. Why not browse amazon (#ad) to get some really cool ideas. Try to go with a theme around feeding like 'baby on the go', 'organic baby food' or 'baby's first picnic'. So for example a cooler bag, disposable bibs and Kleenex wipes are great items if baby goes on a picnic. You could even include an extra outfit in case baby is out and about and needs to be changed due to some little spills during mealtime... 

Bumbo Baby Seat: The Bumbo Seat is great for easier feeding of baby. In fact, it could serve as your 'basket' to fill with lots of goodies.

For details on nursing covers please see my practical baby gifts.

#ad Baby food recipe books to include in your baby food gift basket.

More Unique Ideas For Baby Food Gift Baskets

If you want to include ready-made food jars consider the age of baby and check whether baby and mommy have any preferences. The same applies to baby formula, baby juice and baby tea. Before giving drinks and food you should be sure that a baby food gift really is welcome. 
If you are not sure on the food preferences you may rather go for a food-free baby (food) gift basket - that's not really a contradiction: the alternative then is a 'baby feeding gift basket' containing useful items I mentioned in the list above such as feeding utensils, baby bibs, burp cloths, snack containers, etc.  

Another twist to a food basket gift, is giving food for the stressed out parents instead for the baby - or for both parents and baby. See all about this helpful idea here at my page baby gifts for twins (section titled 'homemade frozen dinner).

Cool Food Ideas: Personalized M&Ms and Special Cookies 

If you want to have something really special and personal for your baby food basket - again rather for mom and dad and not especially for a little one -  go to mymms.com and create personalized M&Ms with a baby message to include into your basket.

Another really cute idea is to make a (personalized) new baby cookie gift basket. Bake some star-shaped cookies and decorate them with baby's name and/or 'a star is born'!

You can get the star shaped or baby feet shaped cookie cutters on amazon.

Also little baby feet cookies are a cute idea for your food gift basket, too. 

Arrange Your Basket

It's best to arrange some filler material at the bottom of the basket for cushioning and to elevate the items for better visibility. Then place the larger or taller items at the back and the smaller ones in front for a visually appealing display.

Add some finishing touches by wrapping the basket in cellophane or tying a ribbon around it. It's also neat to attach a gift tag or a small card with a thoughtful message.

Personalize the basket with handmade items or a custom touch if desired.

Make sure to present the gift basket with care, ensuring that it's stable and items are secure if you're transporting it, especially in your car.

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