Unisex nappy cake

by Jo White
(Edinburgh, Scotland )

baby boy 1 tier nappy cake 'baby on board'

baby boy 1 tier nappy cake 'baby on board'

I am new to nappy cake making and decided to make this for my friend who was expecting her 2nd child. It's a 'Baby On Board' 1 tier nappy cake for a baby boy.

And can I ask, I am in Edinburgh, Scotland: where to best purchase single foam or artificial flowers? Any help or advice is appreciated! Also excuse my pictures, I am still working on them to make them more professional.

I don't have a business or Facebook page at the minute as I wasn't sure I was good enough. Only doing them on request just now.

Comment by Eva (owner of Best-Baby-Gifts.com):
Hello Jo, thanks for your submission, I think your nappy cake looks just perfect! I love the rubber duckies and the 'baby on board' sign.
Have you tried amazon.co.uk for your supplies?
Greetings Eva

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