Twin Baby Gift Baskets

a woven basket filled with lotsof baby goodies for twinsdiy gift basket for newborn twins

Twin baby gift baskets are available in a great variety online. And if you are in a rush or have no time to spare, it is probably best to order a pre-made one.

But, if you do have time, it is so much more fun to make a gift basket yourself. It is absolutely easy and a handmade one is more personal and shows that you care a lot!

And honestly, I think that most of the standard gift hampers for newborn twins look rather kitschy - you can do better! For getting all your 'ingredients' you can shop at your local mall or also online at and then arrange everything nicely in your basket.

Just follow my instructions and browse through my ideas to make a wonderful baby twin gift basket for that cute newborn pair. 


Read my tips for newborn gift baskets here since lots of these ideas and explanations are helpful for a twin gift basket, too! 



Ready made, how about 2 of these, available for girl and boy: 


Choosing A Basket

For a twins newborn gift basket you'll need a bigger basket than for a single baby. Thus, choose a big basket or even a big plastic bowl.

It is always nice if the basket can be used later on, for example a rectangular fabric lined basket may well serve as a diaper repository on the changing table afterwards. And a square or round plastic bowl is a great toy for later, for the babies to play with water in the garden. And when you have twins, little practical items like these will help to manage 'the chaos'. Actually the best practical idea is to fill a large diaper caddy organizer with your twin baby items.

Depending on the gender of the twins go for a suitable color. If you are up to it, you can also make two separate baskets. But taking only one saves you to buy just everything double (for example baby care products).  


Items To Include In A Twin Baby Gift Basket

Here are some ideas of what to add to a gift basket for twins. You decide what best suits for 'your twins' and do the mix and match yourself! You can also add some personalized items - or, in case it's a boy and a girl, pink and blue might simply be your choice.

  • baby body care products such as baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby bath, baby sun screen lotion, etc.: buy the big size.
  • baby towels or hooded towels: have them personalized with the twins names
  • bibs, also disposable bibs
  • teething toys
  • rattles
  • cuddly toys
  • baby bottles
  • pacifiers
  • a baby bath thermometer
  • rubber duckies or squirting toys
  • matching onesies: have them personalized with the names of the babies or a funny slogan
  • baby brush sets
  • socks or baby booties - roll socks up so the look like a blossom
  • diapers: you might like to add some diapers 'to fill up your basket' or use them to cover the base
  • soft baby books
  • personalized or matching baby tees
  • (animal) wash cloths
  • matching baby hats
  • matching rompers - roll them up
  • personalized baby blankets
  • security buddies
  • (wooden) pacifier chains
  • plastic baby spoons
  • small, personalized baby keepsake boxes
  • sun hats
  • baby grooming set
  • boo boo bunnies
  • baby wipes, travel pack 

Homemade Twin Baby Gift Baskets

a box for a girl and a boy with two personalized diaper babies and 3 bottles of baby wash and creampersonalized baby gift basket with baby wash gel, diaper rash cream and baby face cream

a box for a girl and a boy with two diaper babies, a pink and a blue onesie and a bottle of baby washbaby gift basket for girl and boy with onesies and baby all-over wash



Decorating Your Twin Baby Gift Basket

cute baby gift basket for twins with lots of decorations

For a cute looking baby basket gift roll up your wash cloths, bibs, blankets, rompers, onesies, tees, etc. and decorate them with ribbons.

Also really cute: A 'Twins on board' sign. 

Then arrange everything nicely in your basket, you'll probably need to play around a little bit until everything fits and is in place. In my basket I just put the animal wash cloths over big bottles of baby lotion and shampoo.

Do not forget to finish your gift with clear gift foil wrapping and lots of ribbons. You can also add on or more napkin roses. Just follow the link above and you'll get further explanations there. 

And, in the end, your efforts will be rewarded by a great handmade twin baby gift basket!


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