Mom And Baby Gift Baskets

Mom and baby gift baskets are a great gift idea - since let's be honest, once baby is born, baby always is the ultimate star... And by opting for a mummy and baby gift you also especially include the mother in your giving.

Read my tips and ideas on how to make a unique gift basket for mother and child. Of course you can buy or order a ready-made one. But these won't be half as personal and individual as your homemade one!

First of all see my recommendations and valuable tips on newborn baby gift baskets.

Then come back here to learn more about a specialty basket for mummy and baby.

What to include in your mom and baby gift basket:

For a mom and baby gift basket choose items to pamper mom and baby!

For mom's wellness and relaxation include items such as bath oil, body scrub, scented body lotion, massage oil, anti stretchmark cream, a luffa sponge and postnatal (breastfeeding) tea. Some chocolates can't harm either. 

For baby's wellbeing include baby bath, baby lotion, baby shampoo, special baby tea (for ages 6 months and up), etc.

If you are not sure what brand to get for your wellness and bath products I recommend the Weleda brand. Weleda have natural products for mums and for babies, so you get all in one design - order Weleda care products online or get them at Whole Foods or Target. 

Burt's Bees also has a great range of baby and mother care products. View Burt Bees care products for mom and baby by clicking on the products below.

In my opinion, the ideal basket for mummy and baby contains a babysitting coupon so mummy can enjoy all her goodies in peace and quiet! It's free and 'costs' just a bit of your time. Read more about this idea here.

Alternatively, you can also leave away all that 'bottle and cream goodies' for mum and instead simply include a coupon for a visit at the hairdresser's or a coupon for a manicure and pedicure treatment for mommy. And during mummy's absense your babysitting coupon comes in handy, since you will take care of baby while mummy is away enjoying her wellness gift. 

Another cute item to add to a mom & baby gift basket is a baby onesie, tee or bib saying 'I love mommy'. That's something for baby to wear and something to please mommy ;-)

A matching mom & baby outfit for example by 'We Match' will be a riot as well.

Check out my new mom gifts page, too. There you will find more ideas for mummy to include in your basket.

Add a funny read for mom (and dad), such as this one. This Amazon review says it all: "Misery loves company and laughter is the best medicine. Two cliches that perfectly explain why Amber Dusick's book Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures is the perfect book for moms in the thick of parenting young children."

A great 'basket' for your mom and baby gift is the Reisenthel Mother Child Tote. It is a shopping bag with an extra handle for the toddler / child on the side, so the kid stays close to mummy while on a shopping spree. This tote is so cute and practical at the same time and will come in handy sooner or later! Check it out by clicking on the below image. To display your items stuff the tote with diapers or baby wipes or anything other bulky and have your other items nicely displayed and stick out at the top.

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