Family Christmas Poems

Beautiful family Christmas poems and baby's 1st Christmas poems to use for:

  • your Christmas cards to family and friends
  • making your Christmas gifts more personal
  • scrapbooking
  • memories of baby's 1st Xmas
  • creating a beautiful baby Christmas heirloom such as a Christmas bauble
  • printing on baby's first Holidays photo(s)

a laughing baby in a Christmas outfit, wearing a red and white Xmas hathappy Xmas baby

Soon it'll be that magical time of the year again! 

If you wonder what to write in your Christmas card to a family with a new baby or children, use one of these wonderful verses. How about using one of these on a Christmas gift such as a family photo in a frame, a mug, shirt, calendar, etc.?  

Poems For Baby's First Xmas


You have to hold him up to see
The angel on the Christmas tree.
And even though he's still too small
To know the meaning of it all
You watch his eyes reflect the glow
Of colored lights that come and go
And feel him quiver with delight
At every new and wondrous sight.

There's Santa with his jolly face
Beaming  from  the  fireplace.
And from the stocking hanging there
Peeks  a  cuddly  teddy  bear.
Bright ornaments and candy canes --
Musical  toy  and  wooden  trains --
There's just no end to the delights
Spread out for him this night of nights!

He  points  and  grins  from  ear  to  ear
And  then  he  yawns  -  his  bedtime's  near!
Dad  gives  him  a  kiss  and  you  tuck  him  away
To  rest  up  for  the  fun  of  his  first  Christmas  Day!

As you can see, this poem is shaped and looks a bit like a bell. In your scrapbook or on your Christmas Card try to use this as a 'styling element' of your message / greetings.  

             BABY'S 1st CHRISTMAS POEM by Mary Lewis                                    

It's Baby's 1st Christmas, what a beautiful sight!
As he gurgles out loud in spontaneous delight.
As he gazes at the tree, with it's baubles and trim
I know only he can hear the angels sweet hymns.
Holy! Holy! Holy!

As he edges ever nearer to the base of the tree,
Picks up tiny toys and shakes them with glee
Mommy and daddy have to laugh outright.
It's baby's first Christmas - what a wonderful night!
Holy! Holy! Holy!

polaroid style: part of a decorated Christmas tree with ornaments and lights and a Christmas poem written belowcute Christmas poem for baby

by Emilie Poulsson 

Once a little baby lay
Cradled on the fragrant hay,
Long ago on Christmas.
Stranger bed a babe never found,
Wond’ring cattle stood around,
Long ago on Christmas.

By the shining vision taught,
Shepherds for the Christ-child sought,
Long ago on Christmas.
Guided in a starlit way.
Wise men came their gifts to pay,
Long ago on Christmas.

And today the whole glad earth
Praises God for that Child’s birth,
Long ago on Christmas.
For the life, the truth, the way
Came to bless the earth that day,
Long ago on Christmas.


The Christmas candles are lit and conjure joy to your heart. It's a miracle, says your heart. It's a great responsibility, says your mind. It's an enormous challenge, says experience. It's the greatest happiness, says love. It's our child, you say. Unique and precious! Welcome to life. With all my / our love and best wishes on your very first Christmas!


This year, under the Christmas tree, there will be your new baby!

It's a gift sent from heaven above, a perfect cute little angel for all of us to love!

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Family Christmas Poems


Wishing you joy all through your holidays,
 Wishing you good luck that forever stays.
 Wishing you the love of family and friends,
 Wishing you happy holidays that never end.

MERRY FAMILY GATHERINGS by Helen Lowrie Marshall

The merry family gatherings
The old, the very young;
The strangely lovely way they
Harmonize in carols sung.
For Christmas is tradition time
Traditions that recall
The precious memories down the years,
The sameness of them all.


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, each merry bell chimes
A time for remembering, old friends and old times
A time for warm greetings, old ties to renew
And a time for good wishes, for good folks like you!
Merry Christmas!


I used to think that being a kid at Christmas was the best thing ever...

Turns out having kids on Christmas is!


The music of Christmas is children's laughter,

the warmth of Christmas is family

the spirit of Christmas is love.


I love Christmas and winter.

In wintertime it's cold. It's Christmas with sleds. It's warm snuggly beds. It's silver snowflakes. It's skating on lakes.

It's snowmen that stand in a snowy white land. It's blue jays that feed on sunflower seeds. It's angels that pose in wintertime clothes.

It's a polka-dot sky. It's Christmas and winter... That's why!

I love Christmas!



is where life begins

and love...

never ends!


Christmas is forever, not just for one day,

for loving, sharing and giving should not be put away.

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