Baby Girl Poems

It's a girl! Here are baby girl poems, newborn girl quotes, verses and also some mother daughter quotes to use for various purposes:

your birth announcement card, writing your congratulations to the new family, your scrapbook for your little baby girl, a photo gift for the proud grandparents of a girl (from mom & dad), for decorating a girl's nursery with wall decals, for a girly baby shower and for other occasions, too.  

baby girl poem for scrapbook, written by (c)Eva Dittmerpoem for newborn baby girl

Quotes, Verses And Poems For New Baby Girls

A gift from heaven, a precious pearl,

a heart filled with dreams - a sweet little girl!

No joy on earth brings greater pleasure, than a newborn girl to love and treasure.

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty bitty clothes...

Dresses, ribbons and hair to curl, what a precious little baby girl!

Lucky is a woman whose first child is a daughter. (Prophet Muhammad)

A newborn girl with smiles and charm, some sleepless nights may cause alarm. But no greater gift you'll get from above, than to see her beautiful eyes light up with love! 

Baby girls are like flowers that are forever in bloom.

A beautiful little daughter for us (you) to adore, how could anyone ask for more!

There's nothing like a new baby girl to touch your heart and change your world. A little girl so pretty in pink to make you smile with just one wink. Minute by minute and day by day, she'll be the most wonderful blessing to come your way.   

She may look like her daddy but she has her mama's attitude!

new born baby girl with quote: twinkle twinkle little star, beautiful and cute is what you are.the cutest star on earth

A sweet and precious baby girl, so tiny and so new, has come to share your heats and home, how wonderful for you!

My baby girl is the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence I would ever write!

Little baby girls bring such delight

with hearts so warm and smiles so bright!

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little teeny tiny clothes.

Dresses, dolls, bows and curls...

Guess what? It's a baby girl!

One of the greatest gifts we have ever gotten, is our daughter.

We wish you lots of fun in the years to come, life with your little newborn baby girl has just begun!

Little baby girl, so precious and small, welcome to the world, we love you all! (c)Eva Dittmer

A new baby girl is one thing the whole world adores - and the best part of all is that this one is yours!

Your baby girl arrives and just like that, everything changes. Your world gets bigger, your heart grows fuller and life means more because this precious girl is in it!

From the delicate curls on her head to the tiny toenails on her feet, this newborn girl really has made our (your) life complete!

Twinkle, twinkle little star, cute and beautiful is what you are.

You've been a blessing from the start, I love you, my little daughter, with all of my heart.

Cutie Pie!

A baby girl is sunshine and moonbeams and more, brightening your world as never before.

Pretty dresses, little curls, oh thank heavens for baby girls!

It's a girl: two little hands and two little feet, now the family is complete!

Bottles and booties, bibs and more, a little new girl to love and adore.

More Baby Girl Poems

My baby girl yesterday, my friend today, my daughter forever.

Little girls make the world sweeter!

Hold her a little longer, rock her a little more, tell her another story, you've only told her four. Let her sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in her happy smile, she's only a little girl for such a little while.

Cuddles, kisses, snuggles and love. That is what baby girls are made of!

Such a big miracle in such a little girl!

I know a little girl, she puts the color inside of my world. She's my daughter! 

face of a baby girl with a bright red hood, a poem is written on the photoWelcome precious new baby girl!

Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Two cheeky eyes and a tiny crimped nose. A mouth so lovely and a smile so sweet, you are (you have) the most adorable (cutest little) baby girl indeed!  (c)Eva Dittmer

Girl: a giggle wrapped in sunshine and glitter.

As for my girls, I'll raise them to think they breathe fire. (Jessica Kirkland)

No matter how old my daughter get. She'll always be my little baby girl.

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