Give A Christmas Gift From Baby 

magical Christmas time

So cute and special: a personal(ized) Christmas gift from baby or your toddler for your loved ones!

Giving Xmas gifts from baby to your family and close friends is a thoughtful idea and there's a number of gifts you can make with and from your little one.

Here are some ideas for homemade gifts as well as for gifts you can buy at the shops or online and then personalize with baby's photo or other details.  



Snow Globe With Baby's Photo

Buy a snow globe and display baby's photo. Depending on the snow globe you can insert one or two small pictures of baby or even a family photo with baby.  You can choose between a horizontal or a vertical photo. This is a perfect Christmas gift from baby and will become a treasured keepsake for years to come! 



Christmas Tree Ornament With Baby's Photo

Christmas tree hanger with baby's photo

This is so simple and yet such a cute gift! Buy a ready-made frame with all the 'Christmas stuff' on. Add baby's photo - if you like in a Christmas outfit - and you have a wonderful Christmas tree hanger for your own little family, the grandparents, other relatives, close friends, etc. 

If you are a crafty person, you can even make a baby Christmas tree ornament yourself. Get a little plain wooden frame, paint it with a Christmas theme or add some Xmas stickers, rhinestones, glitter, etc. and attach a satin ribbon to hang it on the tree / the wall.

If you rather opt to buy one - and we all know new moms and dads haven't got a lot of time -, have a look at Hallmark's 2018 edition  'baby's 1st Xmas' ornament  or the beautiful one from Banberry pictured here.



Baby Hanging Keepsake, Holidays 

Make a beautiful and adorable Christmas tree ornament with baby's hand or foot to give as a gift to grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, etc. And you might even like to keep one as a keepsake for yourself. Get a clay hanging keepsake kit. The sets contain clay, satin ribbons and everything you need to come up with great hand- or footprints of baby. The clay will dry into a hard and durable stone-like material in 2 to 3 days. Your keepsake can be displayed as a holiday ornament on a tree or as a wall hanging.

If you like, personalize your ornament with baby's name and the year by either carving it on with a toothpick or by writing on it. Finish with metallic paint and / or glitter.

Tip: it is easier to take baby's foot print since babies tend to make a fist or clinch their fingers when you try to press them into the soft clay. If possible, try to do it while baby is asleep. Clean babies hand / foot straight away! Suitable for babies up to 2 years. Your relatives will be thrilled!  

Alternatively decorate a Christmas bubble with baby's handprint (be careful and use non-toxic colors only) and add baby's name. 



Do It Yourself Calendar With Baby's Photos

Make a homemade calendar with baby's first pictures. Especially grandma and grandpa will like to hang that somewhere in their house! And Mommy or Daddy can take it to work. Do it yourself calendars are pre-printed calendars where just the photo space is free. All you have to do is to insert baby's photos.

Baby's hand or footprint made with common watercolors make a great calendar sheet, too. And if baby is old enough to be creative let it scribble its first trials with pens. 

You can also create photo calendars online. All you have to do is upload baby's pics and have the calendar printed out. This is slightly more impersonal than adding your pictures by hand but still makes a great Christmas gift from baby! 



Framed Photo Of Baby In Christmas Outfit

This is a 'convenient' Christmas gift from baby if you need a whole lot of gifts for your family, relatives and friends. Take baby for a photo session and have baby photographed in a Christmas outfit and/or in a Christmas setting or with Christmas props. 

If there are siblings, take them all for the photo session.

Buy a nice wooden or metallic frame and you've got the perfect keepsake gift for the entire family!

Additionally you can have all your Christmas cards printed with a Christmas baby photo. This makes your Christmas and Holiday greetings rather special. 



Christmas Gift From Baby

It's Christmas gifts!

Canvas Art With Baby's Hand Or Footprint

This also is a quite easy homemade Christmas gift from babies and toddlers. Just get a canvas panel and use a non-toxic, infant safe ink print kit to print baby's hand and / or footprints on. You can also use several colors and make lots of colorful handprints and footprints. If you experiment a bit around you can also do a pattern or make a heart with the hand- and footprints. Google for 'colorful handprints' at Google Images and you'll get lots of creative ideas. 

Of course you can also make 'Christmassy' artworks with your hand-/finger- and footprints such as a reindeer, a Christmas tree, Santa, etc. To view examples go to Google Images and search for 'Christmas handprint crafts' and you'll get tons of really cute ideas!

Another really sweet option is to put a paper heart or sticker in the center of your baby's palm or baby's foot AFTER you painted their hand or foot. Then press to paper and you'll have a heart in the middle! For Xmas you can also use a Christmas tree sticker or a star sticker, etc. 

colorful butterfly on canvas, made with toddler footprints

It's very cute to include baby's name, the date and some little text with your prints. 

- for handprints: 

Look upon these handprints,

hanging on your wall.

They will help you to remember -

ME, when I was small!

- for footprints:

There's nothing

quite as sweet,

as tiny little

baby feet! 

- for handprints and footprints: 

This Christmas handprint (footprint) will help you remember,

how small I was in 2018, in the month of December!

More cute gift ideas from baby especially for the family:

Sweet poem from niece or nephew in picture frame

First Christmas as Grandma & Grandpa 2017 ornament

The Grandparents gift frame: first granddaughter



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