New Baby Wishes  

Need ideas for new baby wishes? Here is your source of inspiration!

It mustn't always be a traditional card, you can give a baby book with a dedication instead (see more about this idea below) or display your baby congratulations in a photo frame - later to be exchanged by baby's photo.   

cute baby boy greeting card

Hooray! A new baby is on the way or already born. What you need now, are original ideas for new baby wishes and also a few nice sentences for your baby shower card or baby congratulations card.

Together with a baby gift or baby shower gift goes a congratulations card for baby and its parents. Often baby greeting cards received for baby's birth are kept for baby to have a look at when it gets older. Thus they are sort of a keepsake while the actual gift might not be in use or not be around at all anymore. Some even include the congrats cards in their baby scrap album or baby time capsule.

And as a matter of fact, nowadays hardly anyone cares to write a handwritten message anymore, making your new baby wishes even more special.

even baby dogs need a pacifier ;-)

More funny new baby quotes.

Baby Shower Card Or Baby Congratulations Card?

Finding a cute baby greeting card is easy. Just remember to distinguish between a baby shower card, given to the mother or both parents prior to baby's birth, and a baby congratulations card, congratulating the couple on their new child's arrival!

If you are up to it you can make a congrats card yourself. For suggestions, visit the scrapbooking section of your local crafts store. 

When it comes to writing baby greeting cards, we often wonder what to write. Even though this is a very joyful occasion, sometimes it turns out hard to find the right words to express our feelings of happiness and best wishes for the new family member.

If you are not sure what to write you might like to pick a card with a pre-printed text and pre-printed congratulations and then just write some general greetings and sign it.

But since it is more personal to write the message yourself, follow these links with suggestions of phrases to use. Find the best wording for your baby greeting cards. Feel free to combine some sentences as they best fit. 

Find Wording And Sample Sentences For Your:

- baby shower card

- baby congratulations card

- twin baby congratulations

Using Baby Poems And Baby Quotes For Your New Baby Wishes

Another great way to express your joy is to add a baby poem.
You can either just quote the baby poem and sign your card with your best wishes or you might like to additionally include the poem, for example, on the left side of your opened card. Or, you can write a baby poem on your plain baby gift wrap. Use a glitter pen or a golden or silver pen and let your gift wrap look more personal and glamorous.


You can also complement your card by citing a newborn quote. Since a new baby is a happy event, using a funny, humorous baby quote is a great way to perfect your wishes. Of course, an inspiring new baby quote is suitable all the same.  





Check Out This Cute Idea!

Unique New Baby Wishes In A Baby Book And What To Write Inside:

Go Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman

Ever thought about using your favorite childhood book (or any other baby book) for writing down your personalized baby wishes instead of giving a new baby congratulations card?

This unique idea is a cute keepsake and your congratulations will be treasured for ages. They might even be passed on to the next generation!
So what to write in a baby book instead of a card? Simply address baby (and the new parents) and write down what childhood memories this book brings back to you. Alternatively, write the congratulations you'd normally write in your baby congratulations card or baby shower card - if you are lost for ideas what to write, click the links above and use one of my sample sentences. 

The dedication in the baby book above says: ' Dear (name of baby), This book was one of my favorite ones when I was little. I hope you'll have as much fun as I had when looking at the cute pictures and reading it with your mom & dad'. 

This little poem really fits well, too: "Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me good night." 

14 perfect book inscriptions

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