Diaper Cake Ideas

boy diaper cake

Let me show you lots of unique diaper cake ideas! I am selling diaper cakes for about 5 years now and I have made over 700 diaper cakes during that time. I do have my standard designs but I have also made some very special and custom-made designs. It can get really boring to always make the same diaper gifts, so for my family and friends I have made some really unique diaper cakes and baby shower centerpieces.

So here I have many photos of cakes I made and ideas for you to copy or to let your own creativity sparkle. Most of my diaper cake ideas come with a step-by-step tutorial so you can easily make your own. Click the links below each photo block to get to the instructions.

Traditional Diaper Cakes

Traditional diaper cakes are the ones that to some extent look like a real, edible cake. They can have 1-tier, 2-tiers, 3-tiers and even more. They can be plain or with various decorations. And they can have an overall theme but that's not a must. Here are a few examples for traditional diaper cake ideas.

one tier diaper cake
personalized diaper cake
puppy dog diaper cake
piglet diaper cake

How to make traditional diaper cakes.

Animal Diaper Cakes

When you make an animal diaper cake you can make the actual animal form which can be quite hard. An easier alternative often is a traditional diaper cake with a cuddly toy of this animal and all kinds of items related to this animal attached. An example of the latter would be the mouse diaper cake pictured below.    

diaper snail
diaper owl
diaper caterpillar
diaper mouse

If you want to pack more diapers into your diaper animal cake, make a combination of a traditional cake (tier 1) and put the animal on top: 

snail diaper cake
mouse diaper cake

How to make diaper animals.

Diaper Baskets

Diaper baskets are a very easy way to 'wrap' diapers in a nice way. There's no complicated diaper rolling and arranging involved. All you have to do is stack your diapers in a basket or sometimes you can just put the complete, unpacked pack in your basket. Put a small baby blanket or burp cloth over the diapers and place some baby items such as (rolled) baby clothes, feeding items, baby care products or baby toys on top, et voila - ready!

small diaper basket
diaper gift basket for triplets

How to make (diaper) gift baskets.

More Diaper Cake Ideas

Diaper Babies

Diaper babies are very versatile, meaning you can realize all kinds of diaper cakes with them. If you need just a little gift or something to go with a gift card, just one or two diaper babies will be fine. But you can also make really big diaper babies gift baskets! 

pair of diaper babies
small basket with diaper babies
big basket with diaper babies

How to make diaper babies.

Diaper Bouquets

Flowers are a popular gift for women. So why not combine 'flowers' and a baby gift with a diaper bouquet. 

pirate diaper bouquet
girl diaper bouquet

How to make diaper bouquets.

Special Diaper Cake Designs

You think there cannot possibly be any more diaper cake ideas? You are totally wrong! How about an hot air diaper balloon, a diaper bike, a diaper sailboat, diaper meadow or a diaper tractor? Or also a little diaper gift for triplet babies?

Here you go: 

diaper tractor
diaper bike

How to make a hot air balloon

diaper cake.

hot air balloon diaper cake
diaper meadow in a pail
diaper sailboat
triplets diaper cake: diaper babies in cots

More diaper cake ideas here.

Do you like my diaper cake ideas? Well, I have made all the above pictured diapercakes myself and would be interested to know:

Which one do you like best? 

Please let me know in the comments box below. Thank you!

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