How To Make A Diaper Owl

Making a diaper owl cake is not quite as easy as to make some other pampers gifts, I have to say! When making it, it will help, if you already have some experience with making other diaper gifts.

On the other hand, if you are a crafty person, you will surely manage to make this creative and absolutely cute homemade baby gift without having experience.  Just follow my step-to-step owl diaper cake instructions and read my tips before you start this ever so cute project.  



How to make a diaper owl - what you need:

* 30-36 diapers size 2 or 3

* a cute baby scarf / bandana / bib or something similar

* 2 plastic baby spoons

* a pacifier (especially cute if there is an owl printed on)

* extra, if you like but not mandatory: a piece of baby clothing, a washcloth, etc. to include into the owl's belly

* some thin and broad ribbon matching your accessories (as an alternative for a slim ribbon, some string is good, too). The  slim ribbon should not have a prominent color, best would be white (I have used pink so you can better recognize it on the photos!)

* eyes (wobbly eyes, some cardboard, artificial flowers) 

* a cake pan, pot or similar container, the best would be an adjustable cake setting ring with a dia. of around 8 inches. If you do not have a setting ring, it's not worth to buy one for just making one snail but this 'tool' is great for decorating a real cake, too! Check it out:



Note: it's always cute if your accessories are 'owl related' meaning - as on the photo above - a pacifier with an owl printed on it, a baby scarf or baby bib with an owl on, and so on. 



How to make a diaper owl - instructions:

Take your cake setting ring (or pan, etc.) and start to stack the diapers in there. Make sure they all face the same way and overlap a bit (for the outer layer you will need 5-6 diapers).



Continue stacking the diapers until your ring is nearly full.



For the middle of your owl's body, take 2 slim ribbons of approx. 30 inches length and roll a diaper around. Then take a second diaper, open it and roll it around the first diaper. If neccessary, repeat with a third diaper. Then stick this roll inside the hole. The diaper roll will not fall through the hole since it adjusts itself to the hole. If you want to include a onesie or any other small clothing item into the owl's belly, roll up the onesie and then roll one or two diapers around. Do not forget the ribbons inside!  

Tie a thin ribbon around the diapers and then remove the cake ring.



Take a piece of broad ribbon and place it over the thin ribbon that goes around the owl's belly. Use a little bit of glue to fix it or even tie it with a knot. The spot where you glue the ribbon together will later on be on the top of the owl's body where we will fix the head parts, so it is not visible.



Now we still need 2 rolls for the top. Take another small ribbon of approx. 20 inch, roll a diaper around, and then 5 more, always one after the other. Fix with two adhesive tapes. 

Then, prepare one more roll like that, but include two small ribbons.



Check each of your 3 parts for the side that looks more accurate. These will be the front. Lay your 3 pieces down so the back looks at you. Then tie knots with your ribbons so everything stays together and is hold by the ribbons, even when you place your owl upright. Since this side will be the back you do not need to do this too neatly. Then, do the same with the front ribbons but be more accurate and careful there. 



For the wings on the sides, take two more diapers. Open them up and pull a small ribbon through. Place one 'wing' on each side of your diaper owl and tie the ribbon around the neck. Tie the ends of the ribbon with the other ends of your slim ribbons. 



To finish your owl, fix a pacifier with the help of your ribbons. Place a scarf or bib around the diaper owl's neck that covers most of your ribbons and knots.

Create some eyes - either stick on wobbly eyes, some artificial rose blossoms or use some cardboard circles to draw some eyes on. Make a cut into your cardboard and stick it on your ribbon, you do not need any glue for that!

Finally use two plastic spoons for the owl's feet. 



Cute owl accessories to use for and add to your pampers owl cake: 



For your owl's eye lashes use some chenille stem and stick it between your diapers.


Diaper owl gallery - more photos:




If you have made a diaper owl or any other diaper gift using my instructions, I would love to see your craft. Please post up to 4 photos at my 'Diaper Cake Gallery' and write something about it! Thank you so much.



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