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diaper cake with gift coupon attached

If you need ideas for free baby gifts or very cheap (but still nice!) baby gifts read on!

I have tips of what to give if you are on a tight budget or if you want to gift your help and time.   

Time and help are priceless!

Free Baby Gifts / Low Budget Baby Gifts
= 'best gift ever received'
- statement of many new moms!

The ideas presented here will either cost you no money at all or they are low budget and cost just a few dollars.

Most of these ideas will 'cost' your time instead of real money. But, they probably are great fun for you so your time won't really count. And they are great gifts since they take off work from the new mom and/or dad! In the end the least expensive gifts often are the most practical and appreciated ones!

Give the new mummy or the new parents a gift certificate for your 'services' and they will be pleased about your help.

Free for you, since it costs you not a penny, and free for the new parents, as you give them some free time to relax which is so valuable if you have a newborn baby... - only parents will know how valuable some spare time is during 'these days'. 

Don't feel ashamed to give a low budget baby gift or a gift that did not cost you a single pence - many new moms will let you know that your gift is simply 'priceless'!

The first few weeks or even months after baby's birth really can be exhausting!

Then the new parents will be more than happy about each additional helping hand and chores not to worry about!

And if you volunteer to babysit, the new parents will prefer you over a paid babysitter, since they know you and trust your care.


Free Baby Gift Ideas

Babysitting Coupon

Once the baby is a few months old the new parents might like to go out in peace and quiet. By then, they probably miss an uninterrupted romantic evening with dinner or to watch a movie without being disturbed by a crying baby. That's when your babysitting coupon comes in handy! The new parents can go out without to worry since they know baby is in safe hands with you.

Buy a greeting card and use it as your gift certificate. Add some wording like 'Babysitting Coupon - good for 5 evenings of babysitting on me. Date and time according to prior agreement'. Put it in an envelope and decorate with a ribbon and big bow.

A babysitting coupon is a great gift, even if it is a free baby gift! I wish, somebody would have given such a babysitting gift certificate to me! And every other mommy you ask will agree with me. All new mommies and families will be delighted about such a thoughtful gift and such valuable help.

For your sister, sister-in-law and BFF you can do the babysitting just for her, during the day while daddy is at work - meaning she can go on a beauty treatment, for a manicure and pedicure or to the hairdresser while you look after the little one.

If mummy wants the baby close by you can also accompany her and go for a walk with the newborn while the mother enjoys her spa treatment. 

Of course you can also give a babysitting coupon while mummy goes on a shopping spree, either for herself or for the baby... Or she might even just like to have time for a nap or some alone-time while baby is all yours!

Make some fancy new mom and / or parents gift vouchers, these are really cute and give you some ideas: 




Household Chores Coupon / Gardening Voucher

Maybe you don't feel comfortable to babysit? Then why not help out in the household instead? There's so much to do and so little time with a newborn.

Let the parents bond with baby while you prepare dinner, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen and bathroom, do the laundry, do their grocery shopping, cut the lawn, do some unweeding...

In general, there are no limits when it comes to houskeeping and gardening and offering your help with any of it is a great free baby gift indeed!



More Free Baby Gifts

Homemade Dinner Vouchers

This idea is not a totally free baby gift idea but it won't cost you much extra time and it'll only be a few dollars. The thought is to make dinner for the new parents so they do not have to shop and cook but still can enjoy a warm, home-cooked meal. So, to save time, whenever you make a meal for yourself or your own family, just buy and cook a larger portion and freeze it for the new parents and any siblings. You can do this just once or several times, just as you like.

If you live in the near neighborhood of the new family, you do not even have to freeze the meal but you can serve it right away: 'Enjoy your meal'!  


To provide a 'dinner service' over a longer period, team up with more friends of the new family who all volunteer to make dinner for the new family after baby's birth. Depending on the number of 'dinner providers' involved, you can plan to have (hot) meals dropped off either nightly or every few days for the first couple of weeks postpartum.

Coupon / Voucher Booklet

How about making a coupon booklet of various vouchers of the above - for babysitting, household, pre-cooked dinner and gardening? You can find a very pretty free download for that at or buy one at the photo link above. The new parents definitely will be delighted about that much 'unexpected' help!

By the way, a babysitting coupon is also a nice idea to add to a baby gift basket

diaper babies are really nice to go with a gift certificate

Want to pimp up your free baby gift respectively your babysitting coupon with a small homemade diaper gift?

Make some diaper babies and wrap them - together with your certificate - in clear wrapping foil. Diaper babies are extremely cute, inexpensive and easy to make - here is how

Best Baby Gift Ever! 

Let me, as a mother of 3 kids, again reassure you that free baby gifts in the form of a coupon really are a great present! Even if this gift does not really cost you something it is simply a priceless gift for the new parents.

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