Cashmere Baby Blanket:
discover cashmere and its outstanding properties

With a cashmere baby blanket your newborn will always be tucked in snugly. Due to its special properties a baby blanket made out of 100% cashmere optimally covers up your little one.

Since cashmere is exceptionally soft, breathable, lightweight and at the same time warm, it is appropriate for all climates and the ideal blanket for all year round.


If rumors are true, even a 'real man' like

George Clooney won’t travel anywhere without

his favorite cashmere security blanket! 



About Cashmere And Cashmere Blankets:

Cashmere, also known as pashmina, is the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat. The cashmere goat is native to the mountains of Mongolia, China, Iraq and Afghanistan. The undercoat grows during the very cold winter temperatures. The hair looks similar to cotton balls and is combed during shedding in spring. Only the finest hair is used.

Blankets made ​​of cashmere have excellent thermal properties. They are fine, light, fluffy and warm. Cashmere is sort of like an 'air conditioning', that is warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. This is due to the air pockets between the fibers, as air is an excellent insulator.

The hair of 4 goats is required to make a single cashmere sweater. By comparison, the wool of a sheep is sufficient to produce 4 sweaters. This explains the relatively high price of cashmere. Moreover, the number of cashmere goats is low, so that makes high-quality cashmere wool something rather special and luxurious.



My Favorites: Kinder Cashmere Baby Blankets

Look at these cozy baby cashmere blankets by Kinder Cashmere! They are warm and snuggly and made with 100 % pure cashmere.

Each blanket is designed using two pastel colors and finished with a charming appliqué such as a duck, star, seahorse, bunny, rooster, whale or a sailboat . You'll certainly find your favorite for baby girl and baby boy. A blanket like this will be baby's first luxury and will always keep your little one comfortable and warm. 

By the way, these blankets are not only my favorites, celebs like Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon got one of these as baby shower gifts. Kinder Cashmere products also have been featured as 'must haves' in many parenting, family and pregnancy magazines.    




Baby Cashmere Blanket Care:

It is true, a cashmere blanket is slightly more intricate to clean than, for example, a cotton blanket. So for the first few months while baby is spitting up a lot I'd rather opt for a blanket suitable for hot washing. However, later on, there is nothing more soft and fluffy than a cashmere baby blanket.
And if you observe a few guidelines the care of a cashmere blanket is not that difficult.
Often handwash in lukewarm water is recommended but a lot of people swear by the washing machine's wool cycle with lukewarm water with a liquid wool detergent (alternatively hair shampoo) and a low speed spin. No twisting or wringing! For drying the cashmere blanket should be placed flat on a towel, away from direct heat and sunlight. If needed, you may press it with a damp cloth, using a cool iron. Only then the blanket will retain its typical cashmere characteristics.



Why A Cashmere Baby Blanket Makes A Great Gift:

what's cuter than a sleeping baby?

A baby blanket made of 100% cashmere makes a great luxurious baby gift, since every baby deserves a little bit of luxury! Cashmere is so soft, cozy and snuggly and will pamper baby's delicate skin.

Lots of parents, including myself a few years back, may not know about the excellent qualities cashmere offers. Therefore, they rather opt for a standard, easy-care cotton blanket in the first place. But babies need more than one blanket anyway and that's when your luxury gift comes in handy and will convince the new parents of its outstanding characteristics! I myself, had never considered cashmere blankets for my babies, because they are quite expensive in the first place. Additionally, I did not know about cashmere's excellent properties and that it isn't as hard and complicated to clean -  and consequently I was not aware that the price of cashmere is actually justified.

Cashmere baby blankets come in many light and warm colors and they really make a great gift, not only in winter.

Go for it - a cashmere blanket is a great 'symbolic' baby shower gift - providing warmth, comfort and coziness to the baby/child for years!


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